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<fs x-large><fc #FF0000>NOTICE PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION BUT ON HOLD DUE TO REASONS EXPLAINED FURTHER DOWN </fc> </fs> - I will possibly be doing a fundraiser to complete this project - If you want to assist me already now let me know via [[|the contact form]] on my page you are also welcome to make a donation there - make sure to mention what the donation is for. ====== A cure or possible inhibitor for Liver Cancer! ====== ==== Prolog ==== Cancer - it is a horrible thing you always expect will come to someone else, once you experience it up close you suddenly realise it can happen to you or someone you love. If I showed you these roots and said they were a potential cure or at least a cancer inhibitor would you believe me ? I have to admit I probably wouldn't believe me either - Taking such statements on face value without scientific back up is hard if not outright impossible, hence the need for this initiative. ==== But first a little back story. ==== In 2007 on the 18'th of December, my coming father in law was diagnosed with liver cancer - He was given a maximum of 2 months to live by the doctors and they left him without hope for any treatment. Yet he lived for many years after this verdict and even seemed like he was on a road to recovery. He himself was not told what was wrong, his family and doctors told him he was suffering a stomach ailment. My JuJu (my mother in law's brother) came from up North in China to be with his brother. With him he had this. A plant root that stemming from a plant growing in the mountains, he only knows the plant by it's local name XXXXXX (translated name) and it seems that the people of his region use this plant as a remedy for particularly liver cancer. For 3 years every time we came back to the village my father in law looked better and healthier. At the same time the herbal remedy had been supplemented by a slew of green algae tablets (for the chlorophyll) as well as fish oil every day, from when the treatment started. During the period his doctors to their surprise reported that the tumour was not growing. I had myself in the beginning been very sceptical regarding this herbal remedy, but seeing is sometime believing and my father in law's defiant stand off with death seemed too good to be true. ==== Could this root be responsible for keeping him alive ? ==== Shortly before Christmas 2010 however we got a call, my father in law unbeknownst to us had deteriorated rapidly since the summer and was thought to be on his death bed. My wife's family so as to not disturb their daughters Bachelor study in public health had been holding off telling us about her fathers, my father in laws condition. We rushed to China to be with him and to our dismay When investigating the rapid decline in health we found out he had stopped drinking the remedy in the summer shortly before he got worse. He had apparently never been told what was wrong with him and as he was feeling better his "stomach ailment" not bothering him any more he had stopped drinking the remedy because of it's blandness and due to the fact that it had apparently worked as he did not have pains any more. When he on his death bed was told what was wrong with him he naturally immediately began drinking the remedy again and actually for a few days he became stronger, able to sit up and talk again. But in the end his body gave in there was no strength left. ==== A call to action ==== Having witnessed the effects of the roots and the effects of not taking the remedy based upon said roots I decided something needed to be done to avoid others experiencing the same pain as my wife's family had. I got my hands on some of the roots as I believed that they needed to be investigated - especially in the light of his stabilisation while using the herbal remedy and the rapid deterioration when stopping to use the remedy. Back in Denmark I volunteered to hand over the roots to the Danish Cancer society for examination as I figured they ought to have a huge interest in doing a chemical analysis, a genetic analysis etc. of the compound and possibly help in charting it further. However apparently they did not feel I knew enough about the roots. like the Latin name, where it grew etc. so based on what I could come up with, they could not assist me. I was shocked, I had a compound in my hands that could possibly stop or cure cancer - But my ignorance of only knowing an approximate growing place and only the local name of the plant apparently disqualified the remedy from further study according to the Danish Cancer Society. ==== Jante law. ==== I must say I am baffled by this ill will to have the roots investigated, but I'm putting it down to a Danish phenomena called the Jante Law - Basically resulting in the herbs lying un-investigated. However having another of my acquaintances being struck with the same disease, as well as a spread of cancer to other body parts and him also being in the terminal stages, begs me to put my foot down once and for all! I cannot accept that I may be having the ingredients for, either a cure or possibly an inhibitor for liver cancer just lying around without it being fully investigated. Unfortunately my acquaintance has not had a chance to hear about the roots before having embarked on a course of treatment by Danish doctors and he has decided to to start mixing his treatments and entering random elements into the equation his fight against cancer just ended but I know he too would like to see these roots investigated fully, as they may bring hope for others in the future. ==== My plea ==== So I am asking you all, some of you may have lost a loved one, others of you may loose a loved one, or you yourself who might one day be in that situation where the doctor tells you that you have only short time left to live, to give me a hand. We need to have this root chemically examined, both in it's raw form as well as when having gone through heating in water as this is the way it is normally administered. We need to have a genetic analysis done. We need to have documented everything we can about this plant so that we can figure out if this seems like to be something that actually might have an effect. For this purpose I contacted the Botanical Garden run by Copenhagen University (KU) and they have ansvered the following: <code> Jeg er blevet bedt om at fortælle dig, at du skal henvende dig til farmaceuterne! Evt. kan du finde nærmere her: </code> So that is what I'll do to see how far we can get with this matter. We need to instigate possible trials to see if the remedy does have any effect, because as I have said previously, I believe that this could be an inhibitor or a cure for cancer, however I do not want anyone to take this at face value as this is simply not good enough to convince the established scientific community that this might actually be something worth pursuing. I would like to offer all of you who support this venture an opportunity to reap the benefits of the investigation. The data stemming from the proposed analysis will be put into the public domain in order to further the fight against cancer. I will be publishing the information on my homepage and through other channels that I find appropriate, probably PLOS if they allow it as well as here to the extent possible. I ask you to support the following: Basis project: 1) Chemical analysis - Estimated cost XXXXX USD (investigation by LABORATORY NAME) **Stretch goals**: 2) Genetic analysis - Estimated cost XXXXX USD (investigation by 3) Documentation of roots, expedition to growing place and documentaton efforts Point 3 furthers some deeper information in order to clarify how money will be spent Trip to growing place - Airfaire Payment for guide to guide for 2 weeks Documentation equipment, Camera, Pad Computer, Transport and food, expedition clothing etc. Again great efforts will be made to make everything as transparent as possible. I will be using my own holiday time for this venture so it is expenses like the above, for the guide (to avoid him loosing working time) and transportation to and from growing places, as well as what can be considered standard expeditionary expenses that need to be covered. I suggest that to avoid any taxation running away with the money you choose to support this venture with, that you offer your support as an interest free and frozen loan to be paid back at a time of my choosing and to be cancelled in the event of my demise (hopefully an experience far far away). You may as your local laws permits it - write down and off any debt if you feel I can't pay you back. Though this may not be the premise for the loan. I know the above seems a bit odd, but if this is to happen without having to go into any hoopla, like setting up a non profit fund and organisation to handle the project (a big task here in Denmark - at them moment, at least for me) I hope that you can accept the above construct. So how will it be world ? Will you help me ? Do you think that a potential cure for cancer is worth investigating, or do you believe that I am simply holding some arbitrary roots in my hands, well this I leave up to you, I will not make any golden promises other than to share with you all what I find - hopefully benefiting all mankind!!! Hope you're with me! Sincerely Einar Petersen

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