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-Hello,+Hello, we need some additional information regarding your business to be registered on Amazon Alexa and Siri (iPhones) so people can find your company using Voice Search. 
-I hope life is treating you kind and business is AWESOME!+There are more then 31,500 Voice Searches being done every second, wouldn'you agree its time to get your fair share of those searches?
-I just have one quick question for you.+Its simple & easy; Register your business here -->  
-Would you consider a Working Capital Loan for your Business if the price and terms were acceptable? 
-If so, we can provide you with a funding decision is less than 30 seconds  +Chrissy 
-without pulling your credit or submitting a single document. +Voice Activation Follow-up Specialist 
 +Your Alexa Directory
-Just click on the link to INSTANTLY see how much you qualify for 
 +2764 Pleasant Road Suite Suite A PMB 708
 +Fort Mill, SC 29708
- +You can skip future marketing messages here: 
-Warm Regards, +
- +
-Mark Evans +
-First Rate Capital + +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
-This is an Advertisement. +
-To unsubscribe, click here  +
- +
-or write to: +
- +
-First Rate Capital +
-9169 W State St #3242 +
-Garden City, ID 83714+
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