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 +====== Faroese for foreigners. ======
 +Faroese for foreigners an educational project. ​
 +I have obtained permission from Jeffrei Henriksen to utilize material he created to teach Faroese to Danish people. ​
 +My idea is to translate his work/ideas into a web protal making it possible for foreigners to study rudimentary Faroese online. ​
 +I have so far done some translations as well as recordings of my own- However the work is proceeding relatively slowly as I have allowed my plate to get very full at times. However the idea lives on.
 +I am considering to attempt to reshape this endeavor into a collaborative approach, most probably in connection with one or several schools / classes back in the Faroe Islands. This wiki approach to creating is part of an overall strategy to open a series of projects up to my peers.
 +I hope the project eventually ends up with a freely available language study portal. Possibly for multiple languages.
 +[[faroese for foreigners discussion and work area|Work and discussion area.]]
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