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 +I love FOSS / Open Source - I find the idea of freely sharing your ideas one of the most fantastic things we can do. Mind you, I don't mind making a buck but I also believe there is space for that within this spher, you just have to think outside the box - FOSS and Open Source is the ultimate in dynamic developement as well as competition. I believe the methodologies will drive innovation further than anyone can possibly imagine, that is if the old guard doesn'​t manage to outlaw and otherwise obstruct this innovative and visionary way of doing things.
 +Fine words aside, you will find links below to projects which I hope will in some way contribute to a better and more interesting world.
 +[[http://​|The Global Ability Initiative]],​ is a project aiming at creating completely free and gratis open source software for the disabled click on the link to learn more about the project.
 +[[http://​|OpenCardio]],​ is a series of FOSS implementations for ECG simulation, reading, storing and management.
 +[[http://​|DSNL]] - Dynamic Swarm Network Layer. Middleware for MMORPG developers and others with an interest in distributed dynamic data exchange.
 +[[Faroese for foreigners]],​ is an educational project upon which I have embarked. I have obtained permission from Jeffrei Henriksen to utilize material he created to teach Faroese to Danish people. ​
 +I encourage all of you to offer a hand to any one of the projects. Millions of people can benefit from the work being done and you can be a part of it!
 +Some projects are further along than others, pick your favorite and begin contributing.
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