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 Marjun looked at her fellow passengers, nobody seemed the wiser, the chatter was still going on as if nothing was afoot. Marjun looked at her fellow passengers, nobody seemed the wiser, the chatter was still going on as if nothing was afoot.
 +She looked out the window again, something was wrong this was definately not the standard approach why could she see Leynar beach ?
 +There was a thud and the airplane seemed to loose airspeed.
 +The plane began shaking violently the plane seemed to follow the valley and to Marjun the emergency splash landing of Jan 15 2009 by the US Airways jetliner on the Hudson River came to mind, only this was Kollafjørd and in rough weather.
- +Marjun closed her eyesthere was a tremendous noise from the airplane ​which sounded like it was being torn to pieces, Marjun screamed.
- +
- the pilot seems to hold off his approach and heads towards leynar he follows the valley and it seems like he plans an emergency splash landing at Kollafjørd in similar fashion as to the emergency landing of Jan 15 2009 by the US Airways jetliner on the Hudson River +
- +
-The airplane seemed to loose airspeed, ​Marjun closed her eyes there was a tremendous noise as the airplane was torn to pieces+
  ===== rubble ​ =====  ===== rubble ​ =====
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  ===== back at the hospital ​ =====  ===== back at the hospital ​ =====
-For the third time in his life Bogi was back at the hospital, this time waking over his sister +For the third time in his life Bogi was back at the hospital ​in Tórshavn, this time waking over his sister ​who had been hooked up to ventilator. When the plane landed she had been in hysterical state screaming. She had lost consciousness the moment she was put on the gurney. It seemed she was in som kind of drug and alcohol induced state and the doctors did what they could to cleanse out her system. But as they said it was up to Marjun to wake up by herself.
-The sister goes into coma for about year+
-Describe brother by bedside, ​reading, tearing - looking for small signs+Bogi was trustily sitting at her bedside, ​from time to time Isabella and the kids were there as well.
-Doctors explaining ​the situationher brain has shut down to low level, uncertain if she'll wake up+Then one day an alarm went off, Bogi jumped up and ran into the hallway"There's something wrong!"​ he shouted. A red ligth over the door was flashing.
-domnt talk in front of her etc.+The nurse brushed him aside and moments later a doctor came running.
 +They worked feverishly, Marjun seemed to be in convulsions,​ it was the first sign of any bodily activity she had shown since she was brought in.
 +A nurse led him out into the hallway.
 +"It is better if you wait out here," she said and put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.
 +Bogi desperately wanted to be in there. "What is happening?"​ he asked.
 +"​It'​s the damn ventilator, there'​s a problem,"​ the nurse answered very tired.
 +"Well then hook her up to another one that can't be so hard," Bogi said with disbelief
 +"There isn't another, this was the last one not in use already, they even had to use all their skills to get it working, it is such bad timing, if there had been no hotel fire then we would have had three of them, but now..."​ the nurse was not proud to be the bringer of bad tidings.
 +"But what about Marjun?"​ Bogi asked desperately.
 +"Well if she begins breathing on her own then time will tell, otherwise..."​ the nurse lifted her shoulders "Only God can tell," she added.
 +Bogi was too distraught to give the nurse his opinion on God and settled for waiting. As if by a miracle Marjun kept breathing.
 +Day in and day out Bogi was by the bedside, he was happy that the beeps and bleets of the ventilator were gone and Marjun had been moved to a single room out of the intensive care unit.
 +various doctors did their best to explaining the situation for Bogi, he had to understand that her brain had shut down to a very low level, it was uncertain if she would ever wake up.
 +Bogi did his best to keep his opinion to himself and kultiple times respectfully requested that the personnel kept their opinions about Marjuns state to themselves while they were in the room with her, as medical evidence indicated that people in coma could actually hear what was going on around them.
 +A year passed this way. Bogi still came to the hospital every day. He was reading the news to her, discussing the goings on of the land and had even gotten into the habit of reading bedtime stories for her.
 +He was at the end of a particularly beautiful fairy tale called "The story of a lonely girl", a gripping tale about a girl, that in the winter of her life found out that she was not so lonely after all, that Marjun woke up.
 +"That was so beautiful",​ she said.
 +"​What?"​ Bogi muttered not quite realizing that his sister was talking to him.
 +"The birds..."​ Marjun answered coughing slightly.
 +Then it dawned upon Bogi, Marjun, she was awake!
  ===== A new dawn  =====  ===== A new dawn  =====
-The books ends with her waking ​up again, ​+Marjun and Bogi were sitting at the beach watching the sunset. It had taken time but after intensive training Marjun had regained enough strength so that she could leave the hospital for minor escursions. Bogi had put her in a car and gone to Leynar beach. 
 +She snuggled ​up to Bogi who put his arm around her. He offered her a cup of tea from the thermos.
 +"I can't believe there was no crash,"​ Marjun said looking towards Vagoy holding the airport.
-and she and her brother are sitting on the beach looking at the sun set.+"Well there was, it was just your own personal crash,"​ Bogi said gently.
-isn't that where ?+"I can tell you this, I'll never fly again,"​ Marjun answered
-yes+"I undestand,"​ Bogi said with a smile.
-But+She elbowed him, "Not fly like that dumbarse"​.
-Remember before you left ?+"What?" Bogi answered innocently.
-She looked for long time while pondering ​the chain of events+And right there in the dusk sitting on carpet on Leynar beach Marjun giggled. To Bogi her laughter sounded like the song of an angel.
 +The End
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