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  ===== A new dawn  =====  ===== A new dawn  =====
-The books ends with her waking up again, ​+Marjun and Bogi were sitting at the beach watching the sunset. It had taken time but after intensive training Marjun had regained enough strength so that she could leave the hospital for minor escursions. Bogi had put her in a car and gone to Leynar beach.
 +She snuggled up to Bogi who put his arm around her. He offered her a cup of tea from the thermos.
-and she and her brother are sitting on the beach looking ​at the sun set.+"I can't believe there was no crash,"​ Marjun said looking ​towards Vagoy holding ​the airport.
-isn't that where ?+"Well there was, it was just your own personal crash,"​ Bogi said gently.
-yes+"I can tell you this, I'll never fly again,"​ Marjun answered
-But+"I undestand,"​ Bogi said with a smile.
-Remember before you left ?+She elbowed him, "Not fly like that dumbarse"​.
-She looked for a long time while pondering the chain of events+"​What?"​ Bogi answered innocently.
 +And right there in the dusk sitting on a carpet on Leynar beach Marjun giggled. To Bogi her laughter sounded like the song of an angel.
 +The End
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