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 +Interesting fact from Indiegogo - "If your campaign is not showing up in the Browse-by-category pages, you may need to raise more funds"
 +What does that mean for a campaign ? 
 +It means that people will not be able to find a campaign via the category browsing if it does not succeed in raising serious money within just a few days
 +My campaign has disappeared from the categories list now it is just a few days and had raised about 3 times what your current balance is... 
 +I find it amusing that at the same time Indiegogo is featuring campaigns with no time left – I would think promoting active campaigns should be a priority for indiegogo.
 +It is an odd system if you ask me - Just though you should know this important fact, as it can have colossal impact for your fundraising.
 +Browsing through the all category did not seem to make it show up either.
 +So you risk suddenly dropping off the radar, off course it could be a "smart way" for indiegogo to score on small campaigns that do not reach their goal as the fee is 5% higher for campaigns who do not reach their goal.
 +That said hope your fundraising takes off.
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