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====== LightningsGalore ====== This is a Blender3D object library containing 100 lightning, prefabricated to be used in your creative productions. These are currently simply raw lightning shapes - Animation of each lightning will be created if donations come in, or if enough commercial licenses are sold. The lightning are created in Blender3D 2.6 - Please see texture library for textures to use <fc #FF0000>(coming soon)</fc> [[|]] 22.9 MB (24007934 bytes) - First rough release, if it looks odd try changing to front view. [[lightning_galore_content|Current contents]] of **Please sign up for your commercial license** [[galorelicense|here]]. If you need help with 3D Models I can help guide you to some freelance professional 3D artist who'll be more than happy to work with you at a reasonable price. Simply sign up via this link, - Please do not change the URL as it will benefit me if you go in that way and immediately sign up. Create your project and then invite one of the following 3 modellers to bid on your project and drop me a line - with your user name and the project url of the project you created as a reference so I can check up to see if you are getting the attention you need. The modellers are flashcreativo - rajaaa1987 - nanoras. I have had quite good experiences with all of them. I am also happy to assist you if there is something special you need produced and you would prefer not to be hassled with signing up, creating projects etc.

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