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The story of a lonely girl


Written by:

Einar Petersen

作者:Einar Petersen

Translated into Chinese by:

Huan Zhou

译者: 周寰

Co-translation, Supervision, Proofreading and Editing of Chinese translation by:

William Huang Wen 黄文 - Sichuan Normal University


About the story:

This tale is based upon a dream, my wife dreamed the night before Irdi's birthday (my younger brothers sweet partner) on 27'th of July 2010, and the main plot was jotted down in the middle of the night, before it could fade from my memory like so many dreams seem to do.


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Under each picture you can find selection links these will enable you to choose between 3 different artists rendition of the story.


Illustrated by:

Mikhail Greuli.

插图:Mikhail Greuli(米哈爱勒.高里)

Mikhail Greuli is a Concept art student at Max the Mutt Animation school at Toronto.

Mikhail Greuli(米哈爱勒.高里) 是加拿大多伦多人物塑造动画学校概念艺术派学生

He has the following to say about the creative process:


First I start doing some thumbnails in my sketchbook, to figure out the composition, object placement and overall mood of the illustration. Then I do rough line drawing in photoshop, which I color afterwards.

首先我在我的速写本上画一些草图,捕捉出人物构成,安置对象和构思插图的整体情绪。然后,我用图像处理软件 (Photoshop )粗略的画线,之后添色。

If you like his art you can find him at - Please do not change the URL as it will benefit me if you go in that way and immediately sign up.

如果您喜欢他的绘画,您可以在这个网址找到他: 请不要改变统一资源定位格式(URL),因为这样方便我知道您以这种方式登陆并立即注册。

His user name is : mgreuli - Thanks!!!

他的用户名是:mgreuli 谢谢!!!

Creative Commons License
Lao Po's dream, or the story of a lonely girl by Einar Petersen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License
<<一个孤单女孩的故事>> 作者 Einar Petersen. 读者在遵守 "姓名標示-非商業性-禁止改作 3.0 未本地化 (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)" 的条款下可使用.

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The story of a lonely girl



The lonely girl strode through the heavy snow with the wind tearing at her face and the cold stinging like a thousand needles.


It hadn't always been like this; many years ago, she could remember feeling the warmth of summer upon her face and joyful times with friends, now gone forever from her life.

但从前的时光并不总是这样的冷漠。 她依稀能回想起夏日的暖意,和小朋友们无忧无虑地玩耍,而现在,再不复过去的好时光。

As the years passed by, she grew lonelier and lonelier until finally she felt like, she was the only person in the world.


She had family who loved her, but no matter how hard they tried, she could feel nothing.


It was, as if her very heart had frozen in the eternal darkness of an unending winter’s night. She was different and unwanted; of that she was certain.


It was on a day like any other day of that winter, that she came across the old lady.


The old lady seemed ill-dressed for the cold weather, but even so she seemed to radiate warmth and kindness. As the lonely girl looked at her, she felt, just for a second, her heart begin to thaw, just the tiniest bit.



Image style I —– Image style II —– Image style III


“Why are you so sad, little girl?” asked the old lady.


The lonely girl looked at the old woman and a tear fell from her eye and in the darkness of that fading winter's day, the tear froze to ice, as it struggled down her cheek.


The old lady gently swept the tear from her cheek.


“Come with me. Let me tell you a story.” she said softly.



Every night, for three years, the lonely girl sat at the window like the old lady had taught her.


Her parents and siblings were very worried and nobody understood the strange song that the lonely girl sang.


The villagers thought she had gone completely mad - the song sounded like grinding teeth to their ears.

村民们都认为她完全疯掉了—— 那歌声在他们听来更像是在磨牙,在忿忿不平地发出怨声。

She became even more shunned than she had been before, but still the girl sang, for the old lady had sown a seed, that burned like a tiny fire of hope, long into the night.



Image style I —– Image style II —– Image style III


It was early in the evening when it happened. For the lonely girl, this had been the darkest winter ever and her only comfort had been the strange song she had been taught to sing.


She usually did so up on the loft, where they kept supplies for the coming spring, like corn and other seeds. Normally, she could hear the animals in the stable make some noise and perhaps the odd bird would cluck from within the hen house. This time though, the ambience she knew so well suddenly changed dramatically.


There was not so much as a squeak from any animal and even the tedious howling of the winter winds seemed to die down.


Everything had gone dead silent, at least that was how it seemed to the lonely girl. Something was afoot!


Silently, she put on some clothes and went out into the snow. Her family did not seem to notice her at all, as they were engrossed in a game of Mahjong, that they were enjoying immensely.


Once outside, she noticed a strange glow that came from above. It was akin to the Northern Lights - not that she had ever experienced those, but from what she had heard that was how it would be. There even seemed to be a slight hum, like that which was said to accompany such heavenly displays. However, as she raised her eyes towards the sky, her gaze stopped at the ridge of the stable, for up on the roof sat two giant birds unlike any she had ever seen before.


They looked like they were on fire and they just sat there, grand and magnificent. Their feathers shone with the most beautiful deep green colour you could imagine and their plumage was like the peacock's, except for the tail. The lonely girl was completely mesmerised by them.


Then they looked at her!


Strangely enough she didn't feel scared at all because there was something familiar about the two birds and when they finally spoke, the lonely girl immediately recognised the pitch of their voices.


They spoke in the language of the song, but it had an overall softness to it that was very different from the harsh sounds of the song, which she had learnt from the old lady 3 years ago.


“Come.” They beckoned benevolently.

“来”。 它们慈祥地向她示意。

As if in a dream, the little girl jumped up onto the rooftop, swirling through the air like a Kung Fu Master.


For the first time in years she could feel. The lonely girl gazed from one bird to another and she could actually feel!!!


The empty spot in her heart and soul seemed to dissipate and was replaced by warm feelings of love, peace and happiness.


Oh the joy! She had never believed it possible to feel that way again, yet here in the darkness of winter, every fibre of her being was brimming with a joyful glow.


“We heard you.” The gentle birds explained, “We heard your sorrowful song and we knew we had to come.”

“我们听到你的声音了。” 鸟儿柔声说道,“我们听到了你悲伤的歌声,所以我们必须过来看看你。”

The girl was bursting with questions that she wanted to ask, “But how … I mean, thank you… Where have you come from?”


If it was possible, the look that came upon the birds would have been that of a mysterious smile.


“We are of another world and we have come to make sure that you do not feel lonely among the souls of this world. For you see, no-one has to be lonely, not ever, all you need to do is to reach out and never give up. If you do, someone will hear, someone will come!”


The girl was awestruck. Gone was the feeling of loneliness that had so engulfed her life, gone was the emptiness. What a miracle in this biting cold!


While they had been sitting up on the rooftop, it had begun to snow again. The girl did not know how long they had been there, but suddenly she heard her mother's voice calling out, “Sweetheart, where are you?”


“Oh my!” the girl exclaimed, “How long have we been sitting here? You must be so cold!”


The birds nodded; their glow seemed to have faded and they were trembling slightly.


“Don't worry, we will be fine,” the birds assured her.


“No, it is too cold. You must come inside, but… You are so big!”

“不行,这儿太冷了。 你们必须得进屋来,但是……你们的个儿太大了!”

“Hold out your hand, little friend.” Said the bigger of the two birds.


The girl held out her small hand and before she knew it, the birds were sitting on her palm, so tiny that she could easily carry them.


The girl swirled down from the rooftop again and headed for the door. She could not wait to show her family, for they would be greatly impressed.


“So cold.” She heard a faint voice say as she reached the door and she stopped. She looked at her hands.

正当她要扭开门把手时,一个微弱的声音说道:“太冷了。” 于是她便停了下来,往手心儿里瞧。

The two birds were lying down, their glow all but extinct.



Image style I —– Image style II —– Image styl e III


“Wait, don't die!” The girl cried and tried to warm the birds who had travelled so far to meet her - but to no avail. Even the warmth, from within her own thick garments was not enough, nothing she did helped and there, right on the doorstep of her home, their last breath left them and they passed away.

“等一等,别死啊!” 女孩儿大声哀求着,并试图聚拢掌心里的热气——但是,一点儿用也没有。即使把它们裹进厚厚的衣服里,这两只为她而来,倦游的鸟儿仍然奄奄一息。于是,就在她家门口的台阶上,两只鸟儿咽下最后一口气,离开了这个世界 。


Image style I —– Image style II —– Image style III

A gaping wound opened in her heart and although the lonely girl had been about to open the door, she turned around, and instead of entering the safety of her home, she ran into the night.


She never saw the shock on her mother's face when her mother found her footsteps heading out and away, nor did she hear the pleading voice that called out for her.


The lonely girl just ran and never looked back.



She did not know how long she had been running, but she would have surely died if it were not for someone or something holding a protective hand over her.


The snowfall had turned into a blizzard and the lonely girl wandered blindly and without purpose. In the distance she could hear the howling of a wolf-pack closing in and her heart pounded with fear.


The forest surrounding her, seemed filled with darkness and menace. She thought she was about to die and sank down to her knees and like so many years ago, she began sobbing in the snow.


Once again, like before, a warm hand wiped her tears away.


“Poor child, what in Heaven's name are you doing here on your own? You could die out here!”


“I might as well be dead!” The lonely girl cried, unable to hold the tears back.


“There now, come with me. The woods are no place for a little girl in the middle of the night.”


After a brisk walk they arrived at a small cottage. It was one you would most probably miss, unless you knew precisely where to go. The house was completely hidden from view, lying behind willow trees forming a natural fence around it.


Once inside, the old lady removed the lonely girl's stiff garments and wrapped her in a warm furry blanket. She sat her down by the fire and laid the two birds on a wooden plate.


The girl, too cold and too exhausted to notice, simply sat there, shivering and looking into the flames that were dancing in the fireplace. Her eyes were empty and all hope seemed to have left her.

Only a thin, silvery thread seemed to be holding her in this world.


“You know,” the old woman began, “I too was once like you, alone and scared. I didn't think that there was one single soul in this world who cared for me, or understood me, but then I met someone. He was a hunter. I never found out precisely where he came from, but I found him very close to the place where I found you tonight.”


“He was dressed in clothes made from wolf fur and had a wildness about him, that I have not seen since then. But he also had something else - a song he taught me. The same song I taught you, and the same song that you will one day teach someone else to sing.”


The old woman stopped. There seemed to be someone at the door. But it did not sound like a human knocking, rather it was more like a scraping sound as if someone, or something, was trying to dig its way through the door.


She got up, while the lonely girl still sat by the fireplace. The door squeaked as the old lady opened it and a gust of cold air followed the proud creature inside as it entered the cottage.



Image style I —– Image style II —– Image style III


The lonely girl's eyes opened wide with fear! The wolf, bigger than any she could ever imagine, trotted over to the fireplace and lay down at her feet.


The old lady smiled “Don't worry, sweetie, that old fellow will never hurt you. In fact if it wasn't for him, I would never have gone out tonight, and I would never have found you.”


The wolf let its gaze sweep from the girl to the old woman and responded with a little yelp as if to indicate its agreement to what had just been said.


The lonely girl, a little warmer but still suspicious of the wild animal in front of her, offered no comment. She was too tired.


“But let me get back to the story I was telling you !”



Image style I —– Image style II —– Image style III

“When I found my hunter friend he was in a bad shape. He had almost died from exhaustion and every fibre in his body seemed to be in the claws of the winter cold.”


“I learned that it wasn't the first time that he'd found himself in such a bad situation. Yet each time, he said he had sung a song; a song from his home, a song that would strengthen his heart and enable him to carry on. When I found him, he had just sung his song and had resigned himself to the fact. that it might be the last time the words would leave his lips.”


“I don't know if you can imagine how long it was before he recovered fully. He had gone for days without food or shelter and was on the brink of death when I came upon him - luckily, you were much better off.”


“However, being a man of few words, he said he could not thank me enough for saving his life, but he had nothing to give me except a song.”


“He told me to sing it if ever I felt lonely or filled with despair.”


“The first time I sang it, that old fellow you see in front of you came to my cottage. I had gone without food for a long time and that friendly soul, simply showed up with a freshly killed rabbit in his jaws, he looked at me and just dropped it right there on the ground. Then he yelped and ran off again.”


“I couldn't believe my luck. My stomach was filled and the world seemed a little less harsh.”


“The second time I met him, I was lost in the woods. I had wandered for days, and as night had begun to fall, I had climbed up into a tree because I was frightened to spend the night on the forest floor.”


“I began to sing.”


“To my surprise, he showed up. I instantly recognised him because of his spotted muzzle, and he beckoned me to follow him, moving a few feet and yelping every time he moved a bit.”


“He showed me to this place, a hunter's cottage that seemed to have been abandoned for years. Inside there was dry firewood, so I lit a fire. After a while he came back with a forest hen in his jaw, which he dropped before me. Since that day, I have never had to sing for myself. He drops in every now and then, and because of that I have never felt that I needed to be afraid of what might happen, for every day is a new beginning.”


“I also know that someone came to see you!”


The lonely girl stirred somewhat bewildered. How could the old lady know? Then she realised, she must have seen the birds.


“But they are dead…,” the lonely girl began.


“Well, in a sense maybe, but you must understand that they are not of this world. In a way, they are merely silent. You know sometimes, when the world becomes too much for us, we tend to say less and our hearts become frozen.”


“In essence, that is what has happened to them because they took it upon themselves to free you from your loneliness, but alas, it was too much for them to bear in one go and thus their spirit seems to be no longer within their bodies.”


“But actually, you know there is something you can do for them, for these are not just birds, they are of Phoenix lineage. You can set them free and allow them to return to the plane from which they came.”


The lonely girl's eyes opened wide - could they truly be saved? Her heart tingled.


“What must I do?” She asked.


The old lady smiled. “It is very simple, actually.” She got up and walked over to the table where she had placed the wooden plate. She handed it to the girl.


The wolf got up and looked at them with sorrow in his eyes and a couple of small whining yelps ensued.


Without further ado, the lonely girl approached the fireplace, plate in hand. She looked at the old woman who gave her a nod.



Image style I —– Image style II —– Image style III


The lonely girl gently placed the plate on top of the burning logs. Slowly the flames engulfed the plate and the wood darkened. The instant the dark wood burst into flames, the two birds vaporised, melting first into sand, then turning into coloured smoke which disappeared up the chimney.


“It is done.” The old lady said.


The girl sank into the chair again and fell into a deep, deep sleep. After what had to be several hours, she was awakened by a wet tongue licking her cheek.


“Yeuch!” She exclaimed as she opened her eyes.


The old lady was standing over her with the wolf by her side. Apparently she had carried the lonely girl into her bed, to sleep. The old lady smiled and held out the girl's clothes which were now crisp and dry.


“Can you hear it?” She asked.


The lonely girl tried to listen and could make out muffled voices.


“Mother?” The girl asked, her heart still heavy with sorrow.


“Not just your mother. I believe the entire village is out looking for you. Get dressed quickly and don't keep them waiting.”



Image style I —– Image style II —– Image style III

The lonely girl was soon united with her mother and the search was called off as they headed home.


Before they did though, the lonely girl turned around in order to wave goodbye to the old lady, but she was gone.


The lonely girl could not even see where the entrance to the fence surrounding the cottage might be and her mother was too excited to have found her to notice that her daughter was trying to tell her that something was amiss.


The lonely girl did glimpse the head of a wolf for the briefest of moments, and it seemed to wink at her before running off.


As they approached home, the lonely girl felt her heart sink even deeper and no matter how joyously she was greeted by villager after villager and family members, one after another, she felt the cold sting of winter creeping back into her heart.


As they entered the yard surrounding the farm house, the lonely girl was silently humming a song of longing.


After reluctantly eating a family meal, which was more like a feast in order to celebrate her safe return, she was not at all prepared for the sight that met her.


She had just stepped into the bedroom, after excusing herself from the meal, pleading exhaustion, and her eyes opened wide.


Before her stood two birds. They were even more magnificent than the first two she had met.


In front of one of them, there was a translucent egg and inside the egg was the most beautiful chick that she had ever seen.



Image style I —– Image style II —– Image style III


As she gazed from one to the other, the lonely girl figured that it had to be the male who was holding his wings around the egg, as if to protect it.


Once again, although the birds dwarfed her, she felt no fear and though birds have not mouths but beaks, to the girl, in all other ways and manners, they still appeared to be smiling.


“You knew my parents,” the male said, waiting a bit to let his words sink in.


“Sadly, they told me, that they were not able to stay in this world, as they had grown old and weak. They were even about to attempt to go back, but I told them no! They would not have been able to go through the ordeal again. As the eldest son, I said that we'd go in their place. After all, we're young and strong and we are able to see your world differently than my parents were able to.”

“令人懊丧的是,他们告诉我, 随着年老体衰,他们难以在这个世界继续撑持下去。他们有想过再回来,但我不会听凭他们再次遭受磨难。作为长子,我说,由我来接替他们去。毕竟,我们既年轻又强壮,有着与父辈的时代不同的见识。”

“And as you might have already come to understand, we never leave those who are near and dear to us. We might be gone for a while, but we could not bear the thought of you here alone with no friends, so here we are. I promise you, that as long as we live, you will never have to be alone again!”


The male looked upon his mate who had a mysterious look about her. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.


“Who is it?” the girl asked, somewhat startled.

小女孩一怔,问道: “谁呀?”

“There is someone to see you.” Her mother's voice replied softly.


“Come on in.” The little girl answered rather puzzled. She had not had visitors for years.


She felt a tingle in her heart, and as the door opened, the lonely girl saw her mother standing there with someone beside her.


At first, she could not quite make out who it was in the dim light, but a smile quickly came to her face and tears of joy filled her eyes; and as she embraced her childhood friend, she suddenly realised what it all meant.


The story the old lady had told her, the birds, the wolf, and how it was, not that anyone had been ripped from her life, nor had anyone abandoned her because she was different, it was her, herself who had held back, been afraid to open up her heart, it was she who had driven all and everyone away with her behaviour.


At that very moment in the warmth of the embrace, of a friend thought lost and gone for ever, she realised that she was not alone.


And in a cottage far, far away in the forest, an old lady found her peace and laid down to rest, with an old wolf at her bedside.


The End.

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