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P2012 is a consultancy business specializing in internet media publication and personal outsourcing of tasks related to that.

P2012 can help you find the right coders to help you create cross platform applications and games (Mobile included)

P2012 can assist in finding excellent graphic artists able to create 2D or 3D assets for programs and games.

P2012 has available examples in the E-Book domain and will also be able to show you examples of 3D assets made for computer games as well as computer game programming in Unity3D by our affiliates.

P2012 is willing to assist you regarding social media strategies and internet advertising.

P2012 can offer you a 30 minute consultation free of charge where you can begin by pitch your app/game idea and we will then let you know if we can be of assistance with finding you coders, or artists and help you to create an initial plan for your project.

Suggest a meeting using

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