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The QRE Comic Book Initiative.

QR Enhanced Comic Books enables writers, illustrators, and publishers of comic books to easily make comic books readable by the visually impaired.

But not just new comics can be made QRE Comic books. Already published comics can easily be retrofitted using transparent sleeves and QR code labels for every page. This means a QRE conversion can be done at virtually no cost, low labor effort and with negligible production cost for the publisher.

QRE enables anyone, from caregivers, next of kin, friends to libraries, or others to quickly make comics readable, thus increasing the available reading material for the visually impaired many folds and maybe for the first time allowing them to share in this type of media.

The QRE Comic Book system is not just for the visually impaired.

The system can help dyslexic people, or other readers with low or no reading skills to read comics, but why stop at comics, instruction manuals, or whatever other reading material you choose could be QR enhanced, making reading something previously nearly impossible, a quick, pleasant and efficient activity.

By introducing the QRE Comic Book System, I hope that others involved in comic book publications will follow suit because this is a minimalistic approach that can maximize the potential reading audience at a low cost, both in financial terms and labor terms.

Method described here (see links) Booklet available!

How to make #comicbooks readable by the #VisuallyImpaired at virtually no cost, using off the shelf free tools.

Download in Kindle (.mob) and .epub formats for free! - .epub (ebook reader) - .mobi (kindle) - get it on Smashwords!

Let me know what you think? This is the initial (beta) version

How to get it on your Kindle PC Mag has a great tutorial.

The following two links also contain an explanation of the system - The Kickstarter project is now referred to by Professor Nick Sousanis, an Eisner Award-winning comic book creator on his website as a resource connected with creating comic books for the visually impaired / blind.

I am both humbled and excited about that. You have nothing to lose by perusing the method described at - and expanded upon in Do let me know what you think and if you implement QRE for your comic books.

I will be taking the contents of the booklet and post it here as well

Anyone interested in publishing QRE Comic Books can read more and contact me if they need assistance.

Kind Regards

Einar Petersen

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