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 ====== Reckoning ====== ====== Reckoning ======
 <​HTML>​ <​HTML>​
-Kickstarter for first trooper model SUCCESSFULLY funded!!!!<​BR><​BR>​ +Latest Video Update on the Reckoning Comicbook Project!!!!<​BR><​BR>​ 
-<iframe width="​480"​ height="​270"​ src="​https://​​reckoning-part-one-a-terrible-mistake-01/​widget/​video.html" frameborder="​0"​ scrolling="​no">​ </​iframe>​+<iframe width="​480"​ height="​270"​ src="​https://​" frameborder="​0"​ scrolling="​no">​ </​iframe>​ 
 +Click video to pause!!!
 </​BR></​BR>​ </​BR></​BR>​
-Click within the frame on the "​K"​ to visit the Mini Kickstarter - Click on Play to see the presentation video! </BR> </​BR> ​ 
 </​HTML>​ </​HTML>​
 **Scroll down to read the story!** **Scroll down to read the story!**
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