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 +**A list of awesome people supporting Reckoning through the Kickstarter (Reckoning - Part One, a Terrible Mistake 01) for the Code Blue Trooper designed by 3D artist Carmelo Nazario.**
 +Raymond Mullikin - https://​
 +Michael Dolche - https://​
 +Matt Kund - https://​
 +Lasse Skov Thomasen
 +**And last but not least** ​
 +Margretha Petersen - My wonderful Mum!!!
 +//Thank you all for believing in me!!!//
 +Much Love!
 +<​HTML>​ <​BR/><​BR/>​ </​HTML>​
 +Reckoning is a 3D comicbook conversion project for the science fiction series Reckoning, it is developed as a fully 
 +immersive format on screen and in print, The production features 3D printable models and a special version with pages 
 +crafted so that they can actually be read by the visually impaired. ​
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