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Sunny goes to China.

Sunny goes to China, is a fairy tale about a Danish snail that dreams about going to China, how Sunny manages to do so will revealed upon publication, the story as it is is currently in draft stage in Danish, English and Faroese language and a Kickstarter / crowdfunding effort is in production to facilitate a Chinese translation as the English version has now been returned from the US editor.

I hope you will enjoy this tale about dreaming big and living your dreams. I expect to begin production of illustrations in the near future.

If you wish to support the effort you can make a contribution to cover the expenses and speed up the efforts.

In the meantime please enjoy these figurines modeled by my nephew Simon in the Faroe Islands after he heard and was inspired by the story.

<img src=""  width=25% height=25%  alt="sunny_to_china_001.jpg - Image of Sunny and Freddy"> 

Thanks for taking the time to check this out!

Kind Regards


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