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 </​form>​ </​form>​
-<br> + 
 </​HTML>​ </​HTML>​
 Support/​点击“赞一下 Einar Petersen Support/​点击“赞一下 Einar Petersen
 +</​br>​Become a Patron on Patreon</​br></​br>​
 +<a href="​https://​​bePatron?​u=3791005"​ data-patreon-widget-type="​become-patron-button">​Become a Patron!</​a><​script async src="​https://​​becomePatronButton.bundle.js"></​script>​ </​br></​br>​
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 Have them subscribe to: Have them subscribe to:
-http://​​einarpetersen+http://​​einarpetersen ​- They will get a free comic as a thank you!
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