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Creative Dabblings

Welcome to a page about my creative dabblings - I have always loved creating stuff, be it in writing, paper cutting, or modeling in clay.

I've been there and done it - Love it!

I've written several novels, shorts, dabbled in drawing and traded “signature” pottery.

Among my creations available there are multiple free scifi reads among them – Walter Kraft and the Alien Menace.

My latest creation “The lonely girl” is available now and the childrens book, Fiordlings, both written and illustrated by me, is just published in Faroese and Chinese, and English version, look through the links below to learn more about my writings. A Chinese version of The lonely girl is under preparation.

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Publications in Faroese:

Fjørðufólki - Eitt barnaævintýr. Trýst á leinkjuna fyri at lesa meiri.

Ver títt egna forlag - Um at vera egið forlag, ein “howto” fyri rithøvundar.

Publications in English:

Fiordlings - A Childrens Story - Fairy tale

The story of a lonely girl - Fairy tale

Sunny goes to China - Sunny the Snail travels all the way from Denmark to China in this fairy tale

Help Wanted! - SCIFI thriller

Xupis the story of a thief - Fantasy

Implant - SCIFI thriller - Implant Illustrated - Implant in the press

Rain - SCIFI thriller - Rain Illustrated

Reckoning - Epic SCIFI - Suspense, conspiracies, high technology and betrayal (a work in progress)- Reckoning Illustrated

Survival Kit SCIFI - Dystopic - AI - Action - Philosophic

Vimanas - Scifi thriller

Walter Kraft and the Alien Menace - Scifi thriller

Walter Kraft Blast from the past! - Scifi thriller (PRE ALPHA, unfinished first draft)

Outlandish Accusations - SCIFI, ultra short, courtroom drama/tragicomedy, a story of human intelligence or possibly lack thereof. (ALPHA FIRST DRAFT)

Letters from afar - Scifi ultra shorts - Written during 2005

PyChi - The art of learning Python and Chinese at the same time. A bloggish text in development

The LiveCode Experiment - Building an application for The Global Ability Initative using the LiveCode Developement Environment.

Game design - Completely unfinished - will eventually hold descriptions of 2048, the year it all began, 2112, my blender game projects as well as observations and info on game design in general.

Cybersecurity for kids and the rest of us - A little tale of a virtual mugging

Marker - A thriller in a not too distant setting - Unfinished pre alpha concept


I am striving to make my comics readable by the visually impaired / blind if you want to support my efforts in that direction please sign up to become a patron.

Get a free copy of Implant! by signing up to my newsletter

Outlandish Accusations - A collaborative effort with Per Hedman (TheFarDarkside) - Currently under publication inside my newsletter

Reckoning - A 3D comicbook project aiming at making comicbooks readable by the visually impaired and or blind, currently happening fundraising on Patreon. Implant! also being converted into similar 3D form as a prototype demonstration effort on 2D comics to 3D form conversion.

Publications in Chinese:

Publications in Danish:

En ode til lastbilen - Ode to the truck!


Vær dit eget forlag - First draft

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