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Fiordlings game

As you might know I've written a couple of children's stories, one of them is actually quite suitable for a Unity/Blender platform game and later a cartoon as well, check out the images to see if you would be able to craft any of the characters, also I need sea stuff, seaweed, different types of fish, stingrays, jellyfish, sponges, black smokers etc.

Some of the requirements you'll understand when you see the images others you'll have to discuss with me.

IMAGES for inspiration

Map of the game area:


1) Create an ocean floor (big flat square)

2) Make a stingray appear - nearly flat rectangle

3) Make stingray move x, y, z

X forward motion - space button forward motion by arrow key, repetitive pressing

Y side to side motion will turn while holding - side arrow keys Z up arrow up key Z down arrow key down

Inactivate above controls

4) Make cube appear on ocean floor

5)Make cube move y,y,z, and jump

6) Make cube stick to stingray rectangle if cube jumps onto flat rectangle

inactivate cube control - activate stingray controls

7)place smokers (tall standing rectangles) on ocean floor - solid object

8) define smoke zone - represent with Cone above smokers

9) create collision detect on smoke - A text field on screen displaying cough cough for x seconds

More advanced stuff

In this section we will explore NPC's vs Player behavior and actual gameplay compared to above roaming activity.

We will go here if above examples are completed with satisfaction.

The seaweed Forest

In this minigame you will be collecting seaweed in the seaweed forest which is also hunting grounds for fish and octopussy.

Define seaweed forest area (this will be part of the main seafloor area defined above - it might need to be enlarged depending on original creation size).

Place seaweed on seafloor - i.e. create a seaweed forest - seaweed represented by long almost flat rectangles as broad as a sword would be

Forest planting pattern will be provided if needed. I'd prefer a semi random distribution that allows for gameplay i.e. corridors through the seaweed. An idea would be to use a simple maze for planting pattern and the player could then “violate” the walls by cutting the leaves creating more and more openings in the maze.

Here is an example maze you could use as a planting foundation


Create collision detect with seaweed, seaweed needs to slow down stingray. And once animated brush aside, but for now simply slow player down if collision.

Place Squid (Proxy Cube) in forest create patrolling pattern (i.e. make it move about in seaweed forest)

Place Cod (Proxy Rectangle)in forest create patrolling pattern

Squid if withhin X distance of Cod pursue to catch

Squid if withhin X distance of “player” pursue to catch - will be distracted if it sees COD

Player action - cut seaweed leaves - will radiate attract signal that squid can home in on - Will explain when we get that far.

Count leaves cut when x number of leaves cut - purse full

Return to storage area drop off leaves (i.e. reset carry space counter)

Squid catcher

Catch small squids for the pursemaker to be used as theft prevention

Small squids

Player weilding net shooter

Sponge collection game

Place sponges on seabed - collectibles as part of gameplay

Collect sponges for cleaning the coral castle in preparation for the celebration

Mineral Harvesting

Enter Smoker Forest

Avoid Havgrims guards

Avoid King Crabs - i.e. lure them after you with smashing claws so they can break smokestacks

Collect minerals and find pearls for new staff

Jellyfish hopping game

Use Jellyfish to get across dangerous area filled with caverns hiding barracuda and an occasional King Crab