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Help Wanted!

In the near future the UN has been abandoned and has been replaced by an uneasy alliance of nations. The new union tries to keep the super blocks from going at each others throat.

Enter an age old clandestine organization and self proclaimed protectors of human rights dubbed the Freelancers and you find yourself in the greatest of turmoil. Add visitors from afar, as well as a twisted old garde plot to overthrow the uneasy alliance of nations, and you will find yourself standing on the brink of Ragnarok

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The independent Danish book critic said: The Work is categorized as solid action, ala the work of Alistair MacLean and several of the science fiction heavyweights. A little unusual (for Nordic science fiction) is the great canvas used, and that the paramilitary environment not is post-apocalyptic, but an empire scenario, complete with aliens, super technology etc. Very few throw themselves into the task of describing such a big and consistent universe.

I recommend that Einar Petersen contacts a movie maker…

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