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Random Play

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Unpublished, under development.

Story revolves around 5 characters.

Biz man Occupation: Tycoon Hacker Occupation: Free agent

Single mom Occupation: Cop

Occupation: Teacher

Occupation: Garbage Guy

They all get caught somehow in evil masterminds game where he pits seemingly normal people against each other in deathmatches carried out on rooftops, always offering the victor a chance to escape unseen.

Cutscenes - Newspaper headlines, a surge in unexplained rooftop deaths, mass murderer still uncaught.

Begin scene: A recruitment attempt

Garbage guy at work, someone calls Shruggs off as crank call

Next scene: A punishment Handicap helper - severe accident, happens before garbage guys eyes, message on phone, “I know you love your brother very much and would hate to see him hurt… If you go to the cops he dies.”

Next scene: Hacker trying to unravel the mystery, manages to track down a teacher and a business man via deciphering messages from someone calling themselves “Nemesis”, manages to identify 5 names (our main characters).

Another scene: Cop vs Teacher Cop has deep conversation with teacher who is waiting openly instead of crouching in hiding like instructed, I got a message (from hacker) and was told to tell you that Jill should'nt feel guilty, after all she was not to blame. Was also tol to… some scheme to bring the 5 of them together, need to fake death of teacher, hacker has rendered cameras deaf, managed to supply teacher with FX to simulate violent death by gunshot, your part in the charade will be to miss , you need to stand so and so in front of the camera over there, you need to lodge a few shots in me, hacker has created a sound sensitive system that will make the capsules explode when you fire.

Other scene: Biz man hires a private investigator, does so covertly and in the night, freing himself from cell phones and such escapes via a secret getaway door so that evilguy doesn't notice, before returning. You leave information at specific places, do not go to the cops or more people might be hurt, pays a huge sum and thus buys the silence of the PI who works to unravel the mystery, at first he finds the hacker, but when biz and hacker meet, something makes the biz hesitate, he sees a blackboard on hackers wall that links victims and fights of the five.