Rear Admiral Rasmussen, - TDF, fmr. US Space Command - In charge of operations Western hemisphere, Moon Command.

Suzi, Xia Wen, Sichuan Province, former abductee rescued by Rear Admiral Rasmussen

Christopher Edge, fmr. employee of The United Energy Consortiums

Chapter Three - Coming Home

Áo Fei - Commander, PLF Army Special OPS, being drafted into the Chinese arm of the TDF

Xiadan Wu - Name meaning “Little dawn”, boy - first born of a pair of twins - The firstborn, hence the name - One of the abducted children

Lanying Wu - Name meaning “Blue glitter, or blue quartz”, girl - was almost dead at birth hence the name, second born from a pair of twins. One of the abducted children


Agent CowTow - Co Player in the game Christopher Edge played, actually a spotter and recruiter for the TDF


Kimberly Edge, Christopher Edge's wife

Ross Edge, Christopher and Kimberly's son

Von Hesse - German scientist, seemingly ageless old and plump, on life extension tech


Arnold Tlatoani - fmr. Weapons Specialist from the Freelancers


Kim Suk Ho - North Korean white hat hacker, head of TDF Cyber OPS Division

Chapter 5 - Operation Vermin

Yi Fei - Áo Fei's nephew, trained in Denmark, security specialist. Early twenties.

Vladimir Zhukov, ex. spetznas TDF special OPS

Tax commish Luigi




Bicycle messenger

Waiter at Café Destin

Inger Steinberger, cold callaous EUgenoCorp Exec

Exec 1,2,3,4

Chapter Six

Captain Dunbar - Captain of the Takyüddin human exploration and attack vessel

Sarah Dunbar - Government agent of Intelligence agency, one of the few who actually believe in protecting humanity and her country

Fleet Commander ØØØØØØ of the Melajjin

Janesian emmisary