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This story is in PRE Alpha, unfinished, please refrain from copying, will be released under CC or similar license once finished and properly edited.

During the 1990s, a team at the University of Texas, Austin, measured the attention spans of volunteers. These measurements were turned into a series of waves using Fourier transformation. The result showed 1/f fluctuations, or “pink noise”, and from it you could read the attention spans of the test subjects recurring at regular intervals. The objective: Try to write a short story that follows 1/f Meaning that a story chopped up into segments fitting the standard attention span might become a better “seller”.

Story Premise:

Young female cop takes on rich and stark raving mad industrialist in genetic crime thriller.

Red snow

Silence encompassed everything, not a wind moved and a thick white carpet covered everything.

Rosie Hunt was looking out her window, she smiled thoughts where whirling in her mind, this was not what she had pictured happening after the news she'd just had the week before.

Life must go on her mother used to say when the family was facing tragedy, and it did, despite everything happening in the world. Be it crazy dictators oppressing whole nations in the name of religion, political conviction or be it devious politicians sugarcoating fewer rights for the public good, all off course in the holy name of terrorism, or be it brutal natural disasters slaying hundreds of thousands in one fell swoop.

Rosie nodded to herself, yup life did go on.

Maybe if she hadn't been so preoccupied she'd have noticed something, but the magic of the outside view had her mesmerized, and as she pondered her future fate, it came to an abrupt end.

Rosie Hunt died aged 25.


Sandrine Henderson was tired, her beeper had gone off a full three hours before her alarm was supposed to ring, the coffee bought at (XXXXXX insert brand here) was nice, but usually it took a little more to get her started this early in the morning. Particularly these days, limiting herself to 1 cup per day was agony. DESCRIBE SOME PREGNANCY SYMPTOM HERE WITHOUT REVEALING CONDITION

As the (INSERT CAR NAME HERE) drove up toward the crime scene a traffic cop waved her over, he looked at Sandrine immediately her nose ring and face piercing, at closer inspection the cop noticed both the ear piercings and the butterfly clad tatoo swirling up her arm.

“Sorry mam, you probably need to find an alternate route. Pinewood Lane is closed for all traffic, unless you live here ?”. The traffic cop paused, the woman behind the wheel did not look like the average citizens of this neighborhood.

Sandrine smiled overbearingly and flashed her EuroCop dectective badge. She knew fullwell why she was being pulled over. Her long black swirling hair, her almond eyes and dark tan. In a world still plauged by centuries of racial predudice she was not exactly what the traffic cop expected a homicide investigator to look like.

The traffic cop embarrased by his stereotyping stepped up to the side of the vehicle, relaxed the hand that had been held close to the holster and put it on the rooftop, “Excuse me mam, it's up 200 meters to the right, you'll need to pull up over there. You need to walk the rest of the way.”

Sandrine looked at the traffic cop “Why?” she inquired.

“It's really messy in the back, and the boys haven't quite finished looking for foot and tire marks.

Sandrine smiled, the Solar Roadway as well as solar pavement would not have left much for anything to make any marks on the surface, the built in de-icing system would have taken care of that as well as the rugged nu slip surface. This was the upgraded 21'st century infrastructure - roads and power grid in one, hell even the materials were from locally grown sugarcane plastics and abundant earth minerals, no more dependence on foreign oil or gas, nor dictatorial regimes sitting on rare mineral reserves, welcome to the 21st century. She was a bit puzzled though, she would have expected the automated roads to have tracked quite a few vehicles, why were they looking for tiretracks ?

The traffic cop barely noticed her dreamy gaze as she rubbed her chin and continued.

“I hope you're not too iffy about blood, sure some freak who did this that's for sure.” he stepped back and waved her in the right direction. Sandrine thanked him and smiled. The car pulled away up to the spot pointed out by the traffic cop.

The vehicle pulled up behind the white coroners wan, she sure did'nt envy those guys, at least she had the opportunity to escsape the murder scene once she'd done her preliminary investigation, then she could follow her leads, those guys did it every day.

Outside a camera was flashing, the half naked body in the snow wearing only a bathrobe once white was a typical suburban housewife of the west side. She looked very peaceful as she lay there.

There were long tracks of red in the snow where pulses of blood from slit arteries had painted a macabre pattern. Sandrine shuddered, nos as much from the cold as from the visuals of the scene.

The photographers finished up, no tracks but the victims left the back door, she must have tried to run across the yard to her neighbours house before expiring on her back lawn.

Inside the house her boyfriend sat devastated, she had called, had something to tell him. Tears flooded from his eyes.

Sandrine carefully noted his very genuine behaviour, she was quite sure, her gut told her this was definitely not the assailant.

Her partner was doing the rounds with neighbours.

Everyone agreed Rosie Hunt was a decent person, in fact very well liked, a bit quiet but no enemies it would seem. It was a tragedy.

Sandrine noted the Alarm system had not gone off and nothing seemed missing or disturbed in the house other than some furniture toppled over from what seemed like a minor fight in the living room, meaning this was likely not a simple break in, gone wrong.

She glanced at the black chic bathroom table. Now this was interesting, a pregnancy test. Sandrine looked closer and carefully bagged the stick as well as the wrapping. Positive, so the victim was pregnant.

Lovers quarrel, another father than the poor sod sitting in the kitchen perhaps? Was that what Rosie had planned to tell him ? Or had she told him already ?

Sandrine knew she had to probe him deeper no matter how much it would seem to hurt, early elimination in any investigation was crucial to solving a case.


in doctors waiting room

Pregnant, blood test to find problems, no longer need for invasive test description of new type of test - http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/babys-dna-in-moms-blood-noninvasive-prenatal-testing/

Another murder, called to the scene

Coroner states also pregnant, but no clues to tie them together say for the pregnancy test kit, from same manufacturer notices the detective, we'll give her a full screening later, the report should be on your desk tomorrow

I know you hate these annual health checks and particularly the psyche evaluation, but I hope you understand that at this time it is especially important. The station psychologist/psychiatrist was talking and smiled.

Sandrine squirmed on the inside at the smile, she hated these sessions, the fakeness of the police world bothered her. everyone kept as much to themselves as they could, nobody wanted to bare themselves to the system. The make believe courtesy of the psychiatrist used to dealing with unthinkable trauma was in stark contrast to Sandrine's frank and open attitude. She's always been easy to smile and getting along with people. Nothing swept under the rug made her colleagues see her as a down to earth practical co-worker.

partner laughing afterwards, well they think u just might flip some day, all 3 victims had history of EuroCop Dectective knows this

Gives EuroCop Detective idea - check for markers in other victims and there's a bingo, the record shows all carry same genetic marker.

As there is another murder, there's still nothing to tie victims together say the marker, search widened to victims doctors and hospitals where they have been committed if commited, stil no pattern as all victims have not had expression in gene nor behaviour, hard to get evidence patient privacy.

Partner spouts on way back from judge Coincidence - funny you share traits with your assailant, same marker a remark by an investigating detective.

Searcing DB's for corrolating cases - Other murders, random and unconnected people but same type of people. Other countries,

EuroCop Detective comes home, speculating as nothing correlating except marker for schitzo

EuroCop detective is attacked herself - saved by partner, who possibly dies

To the Next Level

Back from hospital, everyone wondering from the absense of any evidence, as if some chemical cleansing done that has accelerated genetic breakdown of any evidence and no surveilance video

take it easy, I am taking you off the xxxx case

hell you are


So I am just to bumble around here doing nothing ?

u can take leave of absense

Hell I will

By chance invited to a policemans ball there se sees her assailant

Assailant is extremely rich person owning genetic research facility and test producer, thus assailant finds victims world wide. Determined to eradicate the genetic problem.

Evt schitzo gen marker http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/02/090203145504.htm http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/01/070124120337.htm

They meet - staring each other down

EuroCop asks about DNA business, assailant cant really escape as she's with some vip

smalltalk but in a way that it is clear to the both of them that they are fully aware who's who

Heard u were attacked

I was, too bad the wireless cameras were jammed or we would have had a very clear picture of the assailant

yeah too bad, it is unfortunate that people have no respect for law and order any more, if only such traits could be bred out of existence.

Excuse me I have to go to the toilet

EuroCop goes out to barf.

Assailant uses the opportunity to slip away from party

EuroCop fuming with anger also leaves the party

At the hospital talking to partner

be careful etc.

No problem

Mouse and cat

EuroCop begins following assailant

Assailant knows

something something

stuff happening investigation homing in on assailant, manages to steal customer records by help of hacker - dares not go through channels as assailant is very powerful individual


EuroCop presents her evidence to assailant at some place she has chosen

EuroCop half dead when cops arrive

seems berieved partner of assailant finally has discovered the secret of the assailant and called in the cops after following him.

However it is EuroCop that manages to bring assailant down before “the cavalry” arrives

The End