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Hello and welcome to my Blender/Unity Games page

My original premise was using Blender myself, however time time time…

Original premise:

In the coming months I hope to be able to pull off a small feat of creating a couple of 3D games for your enjoyment, they will range
over a couple of themes. If you feel like collaborating on any of them drop me a line.

I will be placing blender files available for you online to the greatest degree possible - If you visit (interesting things) you can
find a whole slew of links to tutorials, my own text on the subject is still very much under construction - hopefully some old data
from a very cool nineties project (then cutting edge)  will become available if the harddisk can be salvaged (time and money).

The premise is still more or less as above, only now I am trying out a Blender / Unity approach in order to mix high performance 3D modeling tools with a widely supported (labor wise) game development platform.

In addition to a change of tools I am looking into using freelance developers to do the actual programming and withdrawing to a director position as I simply have too many things cooking to be able to attend to all of them myself.

The aim is to develop some POC's and from there greater things might just sprout. I will be putting all the code and assets on my site in the hope that budding programmers might be able to peek inside the code and discover the secrets of game making. Eventually as mentioned elsewhere on my page I hope to collect all of this in a document/tutorial form.

Space / Combat Terran Assault - FPS/3'rd

Fantasy - FPS / 3'rd - Curse of the Moonstone (Working title)

Fairy tale - FPS / 3'rd - A fairy tale game based on my story Fiordlings

Falldown (Working title) - A game about falling down ;)