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329 Years Awake

Thought Provoking science fiction by Ellie Maloney Reviewed by Einar Petersen - @TheEinarkist

<table width=75% height="50%" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" border="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td valign="top"> <img src="" alt="329 Years Awake - Ellie Maloney - Cover Page Illustration" width="292" height="414"><br> </td> <td valign="top">   What if dreams were a training ground for the infinite mind to try out possible scenarios in order to navigate reality safely? </br></br> What if reality had a reset button and that reset button could be found within the mind? </br></br> What if of all species of the universe only humans unknowingly possessed this ability? </br></br> And what if some forces in the universe were terrified of this ability, so terrified indeed, that they saw the extermination of human kind as the only and final solution, all while others viewed this opinion with terror and feared that the eradication of mankind would result in the undoing of the universe, imploding it into a raw quantum form or completely wipe it from existence? </br></br> Those are questions Ellie Maloney ponders upon in her wonderful story, 329 years awake. </br></br> The storytelling jumps in time from place to place to different key protagonists of periods in our civilization touching on artefacts and events that you come to understand are intimately intertwined and part of a giant web of manipulation of everything as we know it. </br></br> The story begins on Earth that after a failed weather modification experiment only has a narrow sliver of livable landmass left. </br></br> The remaining population of Earth, those that could afford it have migrated to orbital stations from whence they deal with their affairs. </br></br> One day an object appears from the ocean - The Unkari have arrived and the game is afoot. </br></br> The story is an imaginative journey into the mind, quantum reality, cause and causality. It is populated with wonderful characters who each in their unique way carry the story forward. </br></br> The Unkari the alien species that appears attempting to communicate with mankind is vividly described and their method of showing emotion and emotional outbursts is nothing short of fantastic and I absolutely loved it. The way the Unkari think and their societal structure is also really nicely described and things suddenly make total sense as the story progresses.   </br></br> 329 Years awake is a story for the convoluted mind. If you are up to date on your UFO'logy and Conspiracy Theories it is a big boon as it makes the story so much more enjoyable, but it can as easily be read by a novice to these things and might serve as an introduction to research these matters. </br></br> I loved how the story does not just delve around one incident, one theory and also how time is so integrated in the story development and how it only is toward the end that the reader has a chance to realize how the flow of time is so integrated in the tale. </br></br> For a good read that will set your imagination adrift I would definitely recommend you to pick up the story. I hope Ellie will enrich us with more scifi stories in the future and can't wait to see what she has in store for our entertainment in the future.   </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

To Recap:

Science Fiction (Check)

High Tech & Nano Technology (Check)

AI (Check)

Spaceships (Check)

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