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Curse of the Moonstone - Servants of evil!


Evil is once more at foot in the City and guess who's been called back on duty?

The once prosperous and great City - Utopolis has lost it's way. No longer is it a shining beacon to the World as a cancerous growth of greed, selfishness and evil has taken hold infecting this once marvelous society.


In the great city of Utopolis 13 towers seem to be infested and their power is all growing.

A modern knight in shining armor riding his fast motorcycle from place to place relentlessly purging each tower of it's demon spawn hidden in all kinds of disguises.

You have an array of weapons and tools at your disposal.

Silver tongue ;) Energy whip M16/Desert Eagle Knife Sword Fists

3 different motorcycles each with it's own personality

Using these tools it is your mission to fight your way from the lobby up through all the levels of the towers until you have cleansed them allowing for the protectors to take hold of the building, something they cannot do without you.

Buildings consist of

Lobby Rooms adjacent to lobby area - Define room types Toilet/restrooms - Stairwell to from floors Elevators to from floors

Each of these may or may not prove to be a battleground.

Towers of evil influence are to be laid out in the end points as well as joints and middle of a pentagram structure this will not be obvious to player until he/she has cleared a number of towers and is able to recognize the pattern.

In the beginning player has to hunt for ghoulish characters around town and question/persuade them to reveal the towers of evil. This can be done by coming to the aid of righteous folks as well as odd characters straggling around town.

Characters could be met in say tattoo stores, bars, churches, community building charity housing and there could be a mixture of good and bad in any of the places as we're dealing with humans.

The Jokers

- Badass biker in black on pimped dragster like bike, not a pleasant character, will fight you or at the least distract you by impairing your ability to fight against the agents of evil

- Biker in Angelic White - comes to aid when called upon, can only be called upon a linited number of times, but will by random chance also appear where evil is found


1) Generate city in Blender - use free version of - tool to create Blender3D cities with a single click if possible. Create a city as big as possible

Temporary 3D city provided for practice purposes - Import this city to Unity and then jump to “2”

One could also build simple skyscraper buildings like this

2) Import city to Unity

3) Create rectangle (in lieu of motorcycle) stand it up - make motorcycle drive forward arrow key, slow motorcycle down backward arrow key, roll backwards prolonged pushing of back arrow key) turn using left right arrow keys, make riding around town possible

4) Make cube able to walk around using arrow keys

5) Make cube launch attack (send sphere in direction x,y,z out from cube distance d)

6) Make cube (in lieu of rider) jump up on bicycle and stick to it when riding around town. M key (mount)

7) When stopped in front of a building make rider able to jump off. M key (unmount)

8) Place other cube moving in pattern somewhere - create colission detect between sphere and other cube

9) Create interior of highrise building - see for instance for inspiration on what a building contains.

10) Place a doorway on a building

11) When player is within distance d of the doorway make door slide open and make it possible for character to move inside once inside door, hide outside view show inside view i.e a room

12) Make cubes (3 enemies) in room move towards player cube.

Put short stub on one cube representing gun

Put stick on one enemy cube - stabbing motion

Put sword on enemy cube - slashing motion

Make enemy cubes attack player cube from 3 different distances thus representing 3 differnt types of attacks, possibly from different enemy types and distances.

a) Fire projectile weapon - projectile represented by sphere flying from enemy cube toward player cube

b) Stab with stick weapon (pole)

c) Slash with sword side to side

d) Collision detect the attacks when they hit player cube

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