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The story which the book shall be about a brother and his sister: (Bogi (Brother) & Marjun(Sister)). (they lived in the faroe islands, eg tórshavn) You may change the names in the process of writing the book, but at the end those shall be the names of the main characters. The brother is five years older than the sister (about 21 / 16). To start the story both of, you could write about the typical day of the two siblings. In the weekends the sister asks the brother if he could her some alcohol (because for buying alcohol you must be 18 years old). The borther usually denies her request, but sometimes he buys her a bottle of something. Later the mother finds out and gets very angry that the brother would do such. Later in the story the sister started smoking, and the parents found out and weren't happy. The brother went to Denmark for further education (school). The sister misses her brother and gets into some bad stuff (might be drugs). When her brother comes back to visit, he talks to her and she gets better and gets out of this mess. the brother goes back to Denmark. When the brother moves home again (faroe islands), her sister had just finished Gymnasium (you could use collage) and then they partied. a few months later the sister moves to england for education (lawyer or doctor, you decide)(explain what she does there and descripe her longing for her brother). She meets a guy that she falls in love with. The guy propeses to the sister and she says yes. they are about to get married. They decide to get married in the faroe islands, and so the rent a house in the outher towns of the faroe islands. The borther comes out to visit her sister and to help her to pack all her stuff and get home to the faroes. While on the plane the sister receives a text message about her bank account has been emptied by the housband (you might change this). Turns out the housband is just a impostor who's in to stealing all her money. The airplane crashes into a mountain. Her brother helps her out and saves her. everyone else dies. The sister goes into a coma for about a year. The books ends with her waking up again, and she and her brother are sitting on the beach looking at the sun set.

The book shall base on the bounding of these siblings.

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