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Alphabetical listing of words

This document holds an alphabetical listing of the words in the current standard UK dictionary. Work should be done to enter the dictionary into a dynamic database with an automated revisioning scheme, so that dictionaries of a certain date at any time could be downloaded from the site.

Certain beginnings may be overrepresented and others found in underwhelming numbers, this is an issue arising from the fact that the dictionary is based upon pointing icons by Specialpædagogisk Forlag in Denmark developed especially for disabled and I believe to represent the most common words or phrases.

In time we hope this can be built out to encompass a more complete dictionary including associated images/icons so as to alleviate the burden of communication.


0/nothing P377.SPR

1/one P368.SPR

2/two P369.SPR

3/three P370.SPR

4/four P371.SPR

5/five P372.SPR

6/six P373.SPR

7/seven P374.SPR

8/eight P375.SPR

9/nine P376.SPR


above P346.SPR

accident P358.SPR

activities/deeds P865.SPR

adhesive tape P709.SPR

affectionate/like P564.SPR

afraid P210.SPR

after-school/recreation P413.SPR

airplane P233.SPR

alone P776.SPR

ambulance P236.SPR

amusing P777.SPR

angry P213.SPR

animal park P788.SPR

animals P855.SPR

annoyed P400.SPR

ant P542.SPR

apartment P417.SPR

apartments for the elderly P876.SPR

April P654.SPR

apron P436.SPR

apple P132.SPR

aquarium P880.SPR

arm P020.SPR

august P658.SPR

autumn P648.SPR

ax P692.SPR


baby P001.SPR

backpack P688.SPR

bacon P734.SPR

bag P432.SPR

bake P319.SPR

baking brush P727.SPR

baking mold P488.SPR

baking plate P493.SPR

baking powder P732.SPR

ball of yarn P470.SPR

ball P175.SPR

banana P129.SPR

bathe P280.SPR

bathroom P242.SPR

bathroom P849.SPR

battery P695.SPR

beach P419.SPR

bear P535.SPR

beaver P759.SPR

bed P060.SPR

bedroom P243.SPR

bee/wasp/mosquito P536.SPR

beer P523.SPR

beetle P161.SPR

beetroot P744.SPR

behind P639.SPR

belt P042.SPR

beneath P347.SPR

berries P134.SPR

between P809.SPR

bicycle helmet P426.SPR

bicycle P225.SPR

bind P308.SPR

binder P708.SPR

bingo P562.SPR

bird P167.SPR

birthday cake P121.SPR

birthday P808.SPR

blanket P063.SPR

blow P265.SPR

boat P235.SPR

boccia P561.SPR

body lotion P509.SPR

body parts P845.SPR

boil P620.SPR

boiler suit P428.SPR

bonfire/fire P363.SPR

book P076.SPR

bookshelf/shelf P694.SPR

boot P041.SPR

bowl P098.SPR

box P075.SPR

boy P003.SPR

braces P689.SPR

bread P102.SPR

breadbasket P711.SPR

breadboard P729.SPR

break P367.SPR

bridge P593.SPR

broom P081.SPR

brush P149.SPR

bucket P082.SPR

buckle P807.SPR

build P312.SPR

bun P123.SPR

burger P114.SPR

bus P232.SPR

butter P103.SPR

butterfly P539.SPR

button P045.SPR

buy P806.SPR

Chinese translation - Intermediate xml styled file


cabbage P747.SPR

caf P789.SPR

cake P836.SPR

camera P088.SPR

camper P234.SPR

candle P069.SPR

candy P126.SPR

cannot/may not P595.SPR

capable P408.SPR

car P226.SPR

carnival P382.SPR

carpentry P608.SPR

carrot P136.SPR

carry P294.SPR

carving board P888.SPR

carving knife, carver P723.SPR

cassette tape P467.SPR

cat P153.SPR

catch P313.SPR

CD player P702.SPR

CD/compact disc P703.SPR

ceramics P771.SPR

chair P059.SPR

cheese cutter P506.SPR

cheese P106.SPR

chicken P108.SPR

children's bed P438.SPR

children's chair P440.SPR

children/youth programs P829.SPR

chips/French fries P115.SPR

chisel P475.SPR

chocolate P383.SPR

Christmas P323.SPR

church P251.SPR

cigarette P357.SPR

cinema/theater P254.SPR

circle P667.SPR

circus P772.SPR

city P249.SPR

clamp P471.SPR

clarinet P766.SPR

clean P326.SPR

clear off/clean up P885.SPR

climb P296.SPR

clock P066.SPR

close/near by P644.SPR

closed P331.SPR

closet P054.SPR

clothes & personal items P846.SPR

clouds P554.SPR

coaster P173.SPR

coat P027.SPR

cock P543.SPR

cocoa P742.SPR

coffee bag P841.SPR

coffee machine P483.SPR

coffee P119.SPR

cold P328.SPR

color/crayons P077.SPR

comb P150.SPR

come on P619.SPR

communication P873.SPR

communion P812.SPR

compass saw P459.SPR

compost P763.SPR

computer P423.SPR

concept keyboard P837.SPR

continuous pages/text TV P828.SPR

cook P277.SPR

couch P437.SPR

count/calculate P384.SPR

cow P157.SPR

crab P512.SPR

cracker P122.SPR

crawl P273.SPR

cream P736.SPR

crispbread P513.SPR

crochet hook P481.SPR

crocodile P755.SPR

crutch P431.SPR

cry P597.SPR

cucumber P534.SPR

culture/entertainment P832.SPR

cup P095.SPR

curtains P691.SPR

cut P305.SPR

cut the hair P603.SPR

cut/divide P602.SPR


dance P298.SPR

day center P582.SPR

day/sun P192.SPR

dead/tombstone P365.SPR

December P662.SPR

decide P805.SPR

delicious P636.SPR

dentist P218.SPR

deodorant P685.SPR

dessert bowl P720.SPR

diaper P425.SPR

diary P686.SPR

dice P768.SPR

different from P335.SPR

different household articles P847.SPR

different places P864.SPR

dig P281.SPR

dining room P244.SPR

directional & placemental explanations P867.SPR

dirty P327.SPR

disgusting P637.SPR

dish mat P838.SPR

doctor P216.SPR

doctors thermometer P705.SPR

dog P154.SPR

doll P380.SPR

door P056.SPR

down P349.SPR

draw P310.SPR

drawer P399.SPR

dream P803.SPR

dress/female garment P028.SPR

drilling machine P453.SPR

drink P266.SPR

drive P284.SPR

drop P301.SPR

drum P198.SPR

duck P156.SPR


ear P016.SPR

earphones P698.SPR

earplug; hearing protector P424.SPR

Easter P324.SPR

eat P267.SPR

egg cup P713.SPR

egg P105.SPR

egg slicer P724.SPR

electric wheelchair P576.SPR

electric whisker P505.SPR

electricity P823.SPR

elephant P166.SPR

elevator P571.SPR

embrace P207.SPR

emotions P397.SPR

epilepsy P650.SPR

equal to P334.SPR

evening P818.SPR

evil P638.SPR

excavator P575.SPR

excursion P385.SPR

exercise bike P840.SPR

eye P015.SPR


face P014.SPR

factory P787.SPR

fall P300.SPR

false teeth P434.SPR

family P006.SPR

far away/in a distance P645.SPR

farmer P222.SPR

fat P635.SPR

father P010.SPR

fax machine P478.SPR

February P652.SPR

feel/touch P629.SPR

feelings P861.SPR

feet P025.SPR

female/lady P004.SPR

fence P180.SPR

ferry P410.SPR

fight P304.SPR

fingers P022.SPR

fire engine P237.SPR

fire official P219.SPR

firewood P814.SPR

fireworks P773.SPR

first P811.SPR

fish P168.SPR

fishing P200.SPR

flag P364.SPR

floor P783.SPR

floppy disk P449.SPR

flour P386.SPR

flower P183.SPR

flowerpot P064.SPR

fly P162.SPR

fog P764.SPR

folding pram P574.SPR

folding rule P461.SPR

fold P800.SPR

follow P302.SPR

food P101.SPR

food P850.SPR

foot bath P510.SPR

forest P259.SPR

fork P093.SPR

forklift P579.SPR

fox P756.SPR

Friday P673.SPR

friends P011.SPR

frog P538.SPR

from P343.SPR

frozen P633.SPR

fruit and vegetables P851.SPR

fruit P389.SPR

fruit P854.SPR

frying pan P502.SPR

full P565.SPR

funny P337.SPR

furniture P456.SPR


garage P247.SPR

garden P857.SPR

gasoline station P592.SPR

gate/portal P181.SPR

get a massage P623.SPR

get dressed/undressed P279.SPR

gift P359.SPR

girl P002.SPR

give P321.SPR

glass P097.SPR

glasses P050.SPR

gloves P038.SPR

glue P601.SPR

go to bed P799.SPR

good morning P820.SPR

good night P819.SPR

goods delivery P792.SPR

grapes P131.SPR

grass P552.SPR

grater P491.SPR

gravel P553.SPR

green house P781.SPR

grill glove P722.SPR

group P012.SPR

guitar P197.SPR

gymnastics P205.SPR


hair P013.SPR

hairdresser P404.SPR

hairdryer P508.SPR

hall/assembly hall P676.SPR

halter P769.SPR

hammer P086.SPR

hammock P563.SPR

hand drill P451.SPR

hand P021.SPR

handbag P052.SPR

handkerchief P043.SPR

happy P209.SPR

harbor P589.SPR

hard P617.SPR

hat P684.SPR

hear/listen P263.SPR

hearing aid P048.SPR

heavy P341.SPR

hedge scissors P699.SPR

hedgehog P760.SPR

hello P350.SPR

help P293.SPR

hen P155.SPR

hide P303.SPR

hilarious P403.SPR

holidays & occasions P872.SPR

home P240.SPR

horse P158.SPR

hospital P255.SPR

hot dog P113.SPR

house P241.SPR

humans/people P844.SPR

hungry P566.SPR

hut P774.SPR


ice skate P202.SPR

ice-cream P127.SPR

ice-cream waffle/accessory P528.SPR

in front off P640.SPR

in P345.SPR

in the center/middle P643.SPR

indoor hockey P560.SPR

information/knowledge P821.SPR

inside P641.SPR

intercourse P567.SPR

iron P504.SPR

ironing board P701.SPR


jacket P029.SPR

janitor P568.SPR

January P651.SPR

job descriptions P862.SPR

juice P881.SPR

July P657.SPR

jump P290.SPR

June P656.SPR

junket P518.SPR


kettle/pot holder P501.SPR

key P083.SPR

kick P291.SPR

kindergarten P780.SPR

kiosk P584.SPR

kiss P208.SPR

kitchen garden P182.SPR

kitchen P245.SPR

kitchen P848.SPR

kitchen paper P879.SPR

kitchen towel/paper P497.SPR

kitchen utility P485.SPR

kiwi P749.SPR

knead doe P622.SPR

knead P801.SPR

knife P092.SPR

knit P307.SPR

knitting needles P480.SPR

know P269.SPR


ladder P188.SPR

ladybug P541.SPR

lake P258.SPR

lamp P061.SPR

large meeting P793.SPR

large P333.SPR

last P810.SPR

lawnmower P185.SPR

leg P024.SPR

lemon P531.SPR

lemon squeezer P496.SPR

lemonade P511.SPR

letter P080.SPR

library P250.SPR

lie down P609.SPR

lifeguard P680.SPR

lift P322.SPR

light/bulb P070.SPR

light/easy P415.SPR

like P211.SPR

lion P758.SPR

lipstick/lip gloss P402.SPR

living room P246.SPR

loaf of bread P110.SPR

loaf with cheese P524.SPR

look for P618.SPR

loom P446.SPR

lorry P227.SPR

love P215.SPR

Lucia P842.SPR

lunch box P883.SPR


magic P600.SPR

mailbox P256.SPR

make the bed P621.SPR

make up P887.SPR

man P005.SPR

many/a lot P378.SPR

March P653.SPR

margarine P530.SPR

marmalade P104.SPR

mashed potatoes P740.SPR

massage apparatus P450.SPR

match sticks P356.SPR

May P655.SPR

me/I P007.SPR

measurement 1 deciliter P715.SPR

measurement 1 knife's edge P718.SPR

measurement 1 liter P714.SPR

measurement 1 soup spoon P716.SPR

measurement 1 tea spoon P717.SPR

measuring beakers/measuring units P484.SPR

measuring jug P495.SPR

meat P112.SPR

meatballs P107.SPR

medicine/vitamins P361.SPR

meeting P607.SPR

meeting/encounter P794.SPR

melon P748.SPR

microwave P500.SPR

milk P120.SPR

minced meat P738.SPR

mini-van P779.SPR

miniature golf P559.SPR

minute watch P498.SPR

mirror P379.SPR

mishap P599.SPR

mitre saw P454.SPR

mix P627.SPR

Monday P669.SPR

money P355.SPR

monkey P165.SPR

mopping the floor P625.SPR

mother P009.SPR

motorbike/moped P570.SPR

mountain P551.SPR

mouse P421.SPR

mouth organ, harmonica P555.SPR

mouth P017.SPR

movie/theater P831.SPR

mug P490.SPR

museum P790.SPR

mushroom P139.SPR

music P195.SPR

music P859.SPR

mustard/ketchup/dressing P515.SPR


nail P087.SPR

nail polish P405.SPR

name P682.SPR

napkins P843.SPR

nature show P830.SPR

neck P681.SPR

necklace P047.SPR

news/information P833.SPR

newspaper P393.SPR

nice P214.SPR

night/moon P193.SPR

nightgown P034.SPR

no P352.SPR

nose P018.SPR

November P661.SPR

numbers etc. P868.SPR

nurse P217.SPR

nursing home P414.SPR

nuts P533.SPR


oatmeal P737.SPR

October P660.SPR

office P782.SPR

office/bank P390.SPR

old P340.SPR

on top off/above P642.SPR

open P330.SPR

opposite P394.SPR

orange P130.SPR

orchestra P557.SPR

out P344.SPR

oven P499.SPR


pacifier P396.SPR

pack P318.SPR

paint P311.SPR

paintbrush P466.SPR

painting/picture P442.SPR

pajamas P033.SPR

palette knife/spatula P730.SPR

pancake P111.SPR

paper basket P065.SPR

paper copier P882.SPR

paper P079.SPR

parachute P548.SPR

park P257.SPR

parsley root P745.SPR

party/birthday P325.SPR

pasta P516.SPR

pear P532.SPR

pearls P549.SPR

peas P135.SPR

peel P316.SPR

peeling knife P728.SPR

pencil P078.SPR

pepper fruit P526.SPR

pepper P100.SPR

personal abilities/behavior P866.SPR

pharmacy P587.SPR

photography P665.SPR

physiotherapy P206.SPR

piano P196.SPR

pick P477.SPR

pick P791.SPR

pictograms P391.SPR

pig P159.SPR

piggy bank P700.SPR

pillow P062.SPR

pincer P452.SPR

pineapple P750.SPR

pipe P430.SPR

pixie cap P037.SPR

pizza P529.SPR

plane P460.SPR

plaster P362.SPR

plastic bag P707.SPR

plate P096.SPR

play hopscotch P796.SPR

play P297.SPR

playground P874.SPR

playing cards P177.SPR

playthings P856.SPR

please/offer P354.SPR

plum P743.SPR

pocket P683.SPR

point P802.SPR

police officer P221.SPR

police P407.SPR

polygrip pliers P474.SPR

popcorn P125.SPR

porridge P735.SPR

post office P583.SPR

postman P220.SPR

pot P091.SPR

potato chips P124.SPR

potato P137.SPR

pour P315.SPR

priest P398.SPR

psalms/bible P395.SPR

pull P285.SPR

push P286.SPR

puzzle P176.SPR


question P366.SPR

questions P871.SPR

quiet P336.SPR


rabbit P160.SPR

racing car P572.SPR

radio P071.SPR

rain P190.SPR

rake P287.SPR

read P283.SPR

recipe P726.SPR

recorder P556.SPR

refrigerator P089.SPR

reindeer P752.SPR

remember P270.SPR

resonance mat/plate P468.SPR

rest P275.SPR

restaurant P253.SPR

rice P519.SPR

ride P604.SPR

ring P046.SPR

rinse/splash P624.SPR

rising P795.SPR

robe P427.SPR

rocking chair P448.SPR

rocking horse P550.SPR

roll of film P706.SPR

roof P785.SPR

room P594.SPR

root crops P852.SPR

rope P693.SPR

run P288.SPR

runner/table P462.SPR


S-trains (Danish) P588.SPR

sad P212.SPR

sad P778.SPR

saddle P770.SPR

sailing boat P569.SPR

salad P517.SPR

salt P099.SPR

sand P613.SPR

sandbox P174.SPR

Saturday P674.SPR

sauce P486.SPR

sauna P585.SPR

saveloy P525.SPR

saw P085.SPR

scarf P036.SPR

schedule P817.SPR

school bag P677.SPR

school P248.SPR

science and society P834.SPR

scissors P084.SPR

scooter P577.SPR

screw P473.SPR

screwdriver P465.SPR

sea P422.SPR

secretary P886.SPR

see P262.SPR

senses P406.SPR

September P659.SPR

sermon P401.SPR

set the table P631.SPR

sewing machine P439.SPR

sewing needle P479.SPR

sewing P306.SPR

sewing thread P476.SPR

shampoo P877.SPR

shaver P151.SPR

sheep P544.SPR

shine P314.SPR

shirt P031.SPR

shoe P040.SPR

shovel P187.SPR

shower P143.SPR

shrimp P514.SPR

siblings P679.SPR

sick/aching P338.SPR

sign language P261.SPR

silk printing P839.SPR

sing P282.SPR

sink P144.SPR

sit P274.SPR

skiing P203.SPR

skiing P775.SPR

skipping rope P546.SPR

sleep P276.SPR

sleighing P204.SPR

slide projector P696.SPR

slides P710.SPR

slip P630.SPR

small P332.SPR

smell P264.SPR

snail P545.SPR

snake P540.SPR

snow P191.SPR

soap P146.SPR

sock P039.SPR

soda ice P128.SPR

soda/soft drink P117.SPR

sorry P822.SPR

soup P109.SPR

soup plate P721.SPR

sow P804.SPR

spaghetti P520.SPR

spanner P464.SPR

spare time/vacation P860.SPR

speech P260.SPR

spice P733.SPR

spider P754.SPR

spit P598.SPR

spoon P094.SPR

sport P412.SPR

sports bag P687.SPR

sports show P835.SPR

spring P646.SPR

square P668.SPR

squirrel P537.SPR

stairway P055.SPR

stamp P663.SPR

stand P272.SPR

stapler P697.SPR

star P194.SPR

stereo P884.SPR

stool P447.SPR

stop P813.SPR

store P252.SPR

stove P090.SPR

strawberry P746.SPR

street P591.SPR

sugar lumps P522.SPR

sugar/powdery P521.SPR

suitcase P053.SPR

summer camp/camp P581.SPR

summer P647.SPR

Sunday P675.SPR

swap P615.SPR

swim P289.SPR

swimming attire P035.SPR

swimming hall/pool P416.SPR

swing P172.SPR

syringe P360.SPR

syrup P739.SPR


T-shirt P429.SPR

table cloths P878.SPR

table napkin P712.SPR

table P058.SPR

take a dump P610.SPR

take P320.SPR

tall building/skyscraper P786.SPR

tandem bicycle P573.SPR

tank top P387.SPR

tape recorder P072.SPR

taste P614.SPR

taxi P230.SPR

tea P118.SPR

teacher P223.SPR

teachers lounge P586.SPR

tease P626.SPR

teddy bear P547.SPR

teeth P019.SPR

telephone P067.SPR

television broadcasts P870.SPR

television P073.SPR

tennis/badminton P201.SPR

tent P199.SPR

thank you P353.SPR

thawing P632.SPR

the small room P590.SPR

thermometer P704.SPR

thermos flask P482.SPR

think P268.SPR

throw P292.SPR

thumb P023.SPR

thunder P420.SPR

Thursday P672.SPR

ticket P664.SPR

tie P690.SPR

tiger P757.SPR

time P441.SPR

tin can P494.SPR

tin foil P875.SPR

tired P339.SPR

to P342.SPR

toaster P503.SPR

toes P026.SPR

toilet bag P435.SPR

toilet paper P141.SPR

tomato P133.SPR

tools P418.SPR

toothbrush P147.SPR

toothpaste P148.SPR

top closet P455.SPR

towel P145.SPR

toy bricks P178.SPR

toy cart P170.SPR

toys P169.SPR

tractor P229.SPR

traffic P381.SPR

train P231.SPR

trainstation P678.SPR

trampoline P463.SPR

transportation P863.SPR

travel P797.SPR

tree P184.SPR

tree spoon/pot spoon P725.SPR

triangle P666.SPR

tricycle P171.SPR

troll P762.SPR

trousers P030.SPR

trumpet P767.SPR

tub P142.SPR

Tuesday P670.SPR

turn off P605.SPR

turn on P606.SPR

turtle P164.SPR

typewriter P443.SPR


underwear P032.SPR

underwear P433.SPR

union P138.SPR

up P348.SPR

urinate P611.SPR

urinate P612.SPR


vacation P409.SPR

vacuum cleaner P074.SPR

van P228.SPR

various P869.SPR

vegetables P392.SPR

vegetables P853.SPR

veteran automobile P578.SPR

video machine P445.SPR

videotape P458.SPR

violin P765.SPR

visit P299.SPR

volleyball P558.SPR

vote P798.SPR


waffle-iron P507.SPR

walk P271.SPR

walking rack P239.SPR

walkman P444.SPR

wall P784.SPR

wall socket P068.SPR

wallet P051.SPR

warm/hot P329.SPR

wash P278.SPR

washing hands P616.SPR

washing machine P152.SPR

washing machine P489.SPR

washing up brush P719.SPR

washing up P317.SPR

water P116.SPR

watering can P457.SPR

wc/toilet P140.SPR

weather P411.SPR

weather P858.SPR

wedge pillow P472.SPR

Wednesday P671.SPR

week P816.SPR

weight P492.SPR

wet P634.SPR

what? P824.SPR

wheel P224.SPR

wheelbarrow P186.SPR

wheelchair P238.SPR

when? P826.SPR

where? P825.SPR

whisker P487.SPR

whistle P179.SPR

who? P827.SPR

wind P189.SPR

window P057.SPR

wine P527.SPR

winter P649.SPR

wipe P628.SPR

witch P761.SPR

wolf P751.SPR

wont P596.SPR

work P295.SPR

worm P163.SPR

wristwatch P049.SPR

write P309.SPR


year P815.SPR

yeast P731.SPR

yes/okay/OK P351.SPR

yogurt P741.SPR

you P008.SPR


zebra P753.SPR

zipper P044.SPR

zoo P388.SPR

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