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Comicbook Creators in China

This page is intended to become a go to resource for locating Comic Book Producers in China, be they artists, producers and publishers.

So I imagine you do a writeup akin to this - use brackets as in the example below and leave

<Name>Zhang Fei </Name> 

<Homepage URL> </Homepage URL> 

<WeChat name>ZhangFei2187 </WeChat name> 

<weibo> ZhFei23 </weibo> 

<comicbook type>Print / Webcomic </comicbook type> 

<genre>SCIFI/Fantasy/Crime etc. </genre>

Am I missing anything ?

ADD your information below

For ease of use for the next user, please make a copy of the below and paste under your information.

<Name>xxxxxxxxxxx </Name>

<Homepage URL> xxxxxxxxxxx </Homepage URL>

<WeChat name>xxxxxxxxxxx </WeChat name>

<weibo> xxxxxxxxxxx </weibo>

<comicbook type>xxxxxxxxxxx </comicbook type>

<genre>xxxxxxxxxxx </genre>

You simply click on edit in the bottom of this section to enter your name, homepage, creator information

By adding your information you agree to the information being publicly available and that the homepage owner may reach out to you!

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