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Elite Dangerous by Frontier Developments

So I decided to put my money where my mouth is and joined the crowd funding of the development of the space simulator Elite Dangerous by Frontier Developments

If I had the 4500 Pounds lying around for the writers pack, I'd have thrown that in in a heartbeat… only 1 left out of 10 - Woah!!! And my realization that people managed to kickstart their writers packs…. and me who thought that could never happen by my bad experience on indiegogo… ah well Kudos to them.

And to David Braben and his crew…. The £1,250,000 goal reached - But not just that, with 25,681 backers and £1,578,316 pledged the kickstarter has zoomed on to stretch goals, Mac version, 10 additional ships… developers even warming up to Linux… to infinity and beyond!

Had to make do with a symbolic 150 Pounds pledge… (Added one for Linux and 15 for shipping) I get to Betatest and be a founding member of the Elite - Wooooohooooo!!!!

Join me for good fun and space battles !!!

I plan to reach at least Deadly once again :) Oops wait have to make it all the way to Elite - After all I am supposed to be a founder…


Check out and support these two awesome looking projects and help the writers reach their goal of obtaining a writers pack.

Supermassive and ………………………………Elite Chronicles

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