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Falldown POC (working title)

Brief explanation of this game:

Imagine a cylinder falling down a stair that moves like an escalator so the cylinder can keep falling down.

Player needs to be able to control cylinder as well as manipulate stairs according to specific key pressings.

Player needs to tumble down the stairs till he / she reaches the goal area.

Further down we'll introduce further gameplay.

Want me to hire more people to work on finishing the game ? - Well make a support pledge.

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Support/点击“赞一下 Einar Petersen

Development Terms

You need to sign over full rights to said files/projects & Textures you produce with no restrictions whatsoever on any of the deliverables, the rights you sign over are signed over on an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty free basis, including the resale rights and distribution rights for said deliverables on a world wide basis.

You must be in a position to sign over said rights - i.e. do not use textures / assets created by others.

Notice there will be no up front payment. There will be no milestones.

Payment will only fall after approval - Files uploaded for approval do not indicate the work is accepted.

There might be further work in connection with said work if our cooperation works out well.

Complete Unity3D files (not just an executable) needs to be uploaded.

You need to use freelancer time tracker to prove time used for project in order to be allowed to invoice time used.

There is a maximum number of hours set for this test - Do not exceed this.

Illustration below is for inspiration only - do not think too much about selection methods etc. they will be explained in the Boosters section.

Illustrations and video

Here is further explanatory information

A video

An image

Goal area image

Original illustration to kickstart the imagination.


Player 1

Arrow “UP” - Brake/Slow down

Arrow “DOWN” - Accelerate

Arrow “LEFT” - Skew Leftwards

Arrow “RIGHT” - Skew Rightwards

“O” - Select booster type from inventory

“P” - Activate booster

Player 2

W “UP” - Brake/Slow down

S “DOWN” - Accelerate

D “LEFT” - Skew Leftwards

A “UP” - Skew Rightwards

“R” - Select booster type from inventory

“T” - Activate booster

Player 2 is introduced

Yes as you could see in the keys section - To make this fun we need to add another player.

Now players can compete against each other and the real fun begins.

For Mobile and Tablet play we need to introduce control fields from where players, if multi can both control the game.

Two distinct control fields and control methods need to be produced for mobiles and tablets. The design of these will be introduced later for now we'll keep developing with a keyboard driven design.


In order to gain a competitive advantage the players can collect different types of boosters that enable them to do things in advantage to themselves, or to their competitors disadvantage.

These boosters need to be lying randomly on the stairs, I suggest the first track introduces only one type, the next track introduces a second type, the third track the third etc. that way players get an arsenal of options while playing and are not overwhelmed with options in the beginning.

Boosters should be small round coin like objects lying on the stairs roughly the circumference of one block face, but a little smaller.

Booster types and their function

Each booster type has their own abbreviation that is imprinted on the glimmering coins - the abbreviation is noted in parenthesis after the boldfaced name.

SinkHole ( SH ) - Block disappears i.e. it falls out of the stairs, where you are at the moment you press action key (see keys section - valid for all booster types).

ScissorCut ( SC ) - Scissor Cut makes it possible to create cuts in the track according to the line where you traverse while cut function is operational

WaterTrap ( WT ) - pressing action key turns the block into a water trap for opponent, if opponent falls in the opponent first bobs about then sinks, once opponent has sunk he is pulled out by a crane and begins tumbling down, water splashing out till he empties, water on stairs make them slightly slippery.

IceFlower - ( IF ) Releasing the ice flower freezes the steps you traverse making them very slippery for opponents coming in behind you.

WhackACan (WAC) - Whack a can is a trap that springs up and flattens the can, it takes time for the can to straighten out again before it can tumble, possibly with a “handicap” i.e. a wobble for a while making it harder to control.

NitroBoost ( NB ) - NitroBoost adds superspeed to the tumbler like the roadrunners of Wiley Coyotee fame. The image zooms out and the user whirls down the stair in a trail of smoke.

Net - ( N ) Net sets a net trap that springs open on the opponent when he is right in front of it. If in NitroBoost mode the opponent will however break through the net and continue without diminished speed.

Gum - ( G ) Gum is that sticky substance you find on roads and pavements and thanks to your opponent also on the stair. Gum slows the opponent down for a specific number of stairs where opponent has to push to get off ledge when landing on gummed side of can.

RoadBump ( RB ) - Road bumps are there to let opponents tumble out of control, if hit can tumbles and opponent must fight to regain control if possible.

Wings ( W ) - Wings allow you to glide out in the air till the “sun” melts your wings and you fall straight down till u hit the stairs again to tumble on. The more speed you build the longer you'll be able to glide outwards before the sun melts your wings.

Where needed special graphics will be produced to make the game more fun and lifelike.

Giving points

Players need 1 point for each step traversed

Players need points if their traps succeed

Players need points for winning

Players need bonus points pr. trap succeeded according to success rate X winning points

Points need to be saved to a top 10

POC Part 2 - Network play, competitions and track design

Mobile and tablet play is introduced, development of mobile and tablet control for single and multiplayer games.

Via central server you are to be able to find opponents to play against, and you are to be able to engage in two or multi player competitions over the web.

Track modification - Via simple block interface you can design new and challenging tracks for your own games, designs will be submitted for permanent usage as track candidates.


- Unreviewed - look at own risk

Iteration 1 - - Let's Roll!!!

Iteration 2 - - Camera follows

Iteration 3 - Better perspective

Iteration 4 - Self correcting i.e. standing up on ledge - nce sideways movement on ledge

Iteration 5 - Sideways jump implemented - However controls still need refining / flying problem - sideways ledge movement disappeared (needs to be re implemented).

Iteration 6 -

Iteration 7 -

Iteration 8 -

Iteration 9 -



Is expected to be released under a permissive license once finished so please refrain from distributing till then but feel free to peek how it was made, but don't go using the code and screw up chronology of who released what under which license first thanks.

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