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Help me translate my fairytale "Lao Po's dream, or the story of a lonely girl" into French.

GOAL - To raise a minimum of 2000 EUR

48€ EUR

Money pledged so far! - I will try to update this figure once per day on weekdays.

NOTICE when pressing the payment button you will be transferred to the paypal page of a legal entity called P2012 that I have set up to enable receipt of payments online - thanks for your understanding.

Hello there and welcome to this project aimed at crowd-funding the translation of my fairytale "Lao Po's dream, or the story of a lonely girl", (released under a creative commons license, i.e. free to share) into French and then releasing the French version in the same manner as the English version has already been released.

You can see a narrated version of the fairytale here:

You can also read the UK/US version of the story here (in 3 different graphical styles)

I am trying this out so that I can share my stories with the world.

While this project is to gather the funding to have the fairytale translated into French I will make sure to have it translated into a language of your choosing, if you become a SUPER PATRON, that is, if the Super Patronage covers the translation cost.

About me & why I am doing this:

I have rounded 41 years, however I consider myself a person young of spirit and intent on making the world a better place.

I am a creative soul and working to create free software for the disabled in my spare time as well, when I am not pursuing my creative ventures.

The work for the disabled is is my primary reason for releasing my works under Creative Commons License (i.e. free to share), as my stories can then be spread freely and people hopefully garner an interest, not only in my creative endeavours in fiction, but also become interested in what The Global Ability Initiative is.

I naturally hope my readers might possibly leap from simple interest to even becoming participants in the project aimed at bettering the life of people suffering, for example from Aphasia, MS, ALS, Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities as well, something that I am actively pursuing through work going on at

If you want to find out more about who I am and what I stand for please feel free to snoop around to learn more.

I truly hope that you would like to participate in my endeavour and keep my dream alive.

All translations made as a result of this fund raising effort will be released as creative commons in a similar fashion as the original English version.

I impress on you to remember, that by becoming a supporter of this project and by making a pledge of support, you are not just supporting me!

You will indirectly be supporting the efforts done on behalf of millions of people around the world by The Global Ability Initiative.

I hope you realise the sheer magnitude of what a contributing can help me achieve.

But no worries there is also something in it for you!

I will be listing all contributors, who do not directly ask me not to do so, as patrons on my web page, in connection with the translated story, as a token of my gratitude.

There are other perks as well but check them out in the perks section.

Ways You Can Help!

I understand that some of you don't have the possibility to contribute financially, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help out:

Help to spread the word. Get on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus... or whatever your favourite social networking platform might be. Help me get the word out so we can reach the goal together.

So what'll it be ? Are you with me so far ? Will you join me on this this adventure and will you become a force of change to be reckoned with ?

I humbly await your answer!

Thank you for your time!!!

Einar Petersen

€5 EUR... One two, many..

€10 EUR A pad on the back.

€50 EUR An author message.

€1,000 EUR Patron of the Arts.


€1,000,000 EUR Archangel. Click here to contact about becoming an Archangel.

An amount up to €8000 EUR

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