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Proof of concept ground attack

The concept is to create a POC for a ground combat scenario that can be implemented as either a stand alone or part of other games.

This POC will concentrate on facilitating action packed strategic gameplay that you can implement in a number of different ways allowing from simple shoot em'up like action single player and multiplayer and then move on to facilitating to large scale strategic gameplay involving a number of

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Description of gameplay


2 Types of enemy troops are to move across 3D landscape - Topographical 2D map provided to illustrate landscape, show me with a 3D representaion of provided map.


Types are:

a) Enemy type FastMover - Capable of rapid movement and “long” jumps (need to be adjustable) - Fast (speedfactor), big damage multiple hits, but brittle - Attack range


b) Enemy type Slugger - Sluggish movement, slow and steady, hard to kill, slow single engagement. Attack range close combat

Attack ranges need to be adjustable.

Attackers will be:

Heading toward a preset target X on map (either player settable and randomly set) - selection by player

Enemy troops need to be able to move through landscape avoiding obstacles (notice topography)

Enemy troops also need to be able to avoid Defender troops and to prefer this if outnumbered or under fire

2 FastMovers are each assigned to one group of Sluggers (X4 Sluggers in each Slugger group)

Each group advances in their own way but attracted to other groups, particularly if attacked, however topography will randomly act to separate (go around, left/right ,

go over) each decision also affects their speed.

FastMover (a) is represented with a cube

Slugger (b) is represented with a rectangle


Defender troops represented by tetrahedrons in 2 different colors.

Defender troops are dropped at a player selected spot in landscape. Player needs to be able to designate drop spot for each Defender Type

Defender Transport is represented by large rectangle moving above landscape from random and/or preset direction off screen

3 Types

type 1 - light attack - fast moving - easily damaged type 2 - heavy attack - slow moving - armored - strong type 3 - rapid attack - fast moving - easily damaged

The DEFENDER Group consists of a Platoon.

A total of 6 Fireteams with : 4 Defenders in each fireteam

3 light attack fireteams 2 heavy attack fireteams 1 rapid attack fireteam

The DEFENDERS as default move as fireteam but it needs to be possible to split up the fireteam.


Point on single defender - if in fireteam, team mates will do as pointed out member

When selected choice between move / attack

Group select (select multiple, begin with a key combo) Hold one down while selecting ( then move on to mouse “square in selection of all within an area”)

Control interface illustration:

Attack by either side is represented by small round pellets being fired from team in direction of target.

When hovering over a selected troop - open pop up box with command selection

POC versions

For viewing purposes only will be released under a liberal FOSS license once more complete - untested software download at own risk!!! - Iteration 1 - Simple select - Iteration 2 - Better select - Iteration 3 - Better select and moving - Iteration 4 - Better select and moving - Iteration 5 - Obstacle avoidance - Iteration 6 - Climbing over terrain - Iteration 7 - Simple attack (archived w/7zip)

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