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====== Howto dump the contents of a MySQL database for backup purposes. ====== Have you ever found yourself in the situation that you had to migrate a database to another server, or that you had to set up a developing environment for a programmer ? Well mysqldump is your friend - In one line you can make a backup of the contents, tables, basically eveything you need to "rebuild" your database. The syntax is as follows: mysqldump -u USERNAME -p DATABASENAME > DATABASENAME_FOR_BACKUP.sql This will save the database in the directory where MYSQLDUMP program is residing, it ought to be possible to enter a path in the name. This is normally done from within the CLI shell of the server. Loads of other very handy MySQL tips can be found at the following url: who by the way have loads and loads of other useful resources and tips for other technologies available as well.

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