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====== Awesome folks supporting Implant! - The Rising ====== Here is a list over some of the wonderful people who backed Implant! - The Rising - Some have choosen to remain anonymous Patrons of the Art, their support of my attempt to convert Implant! to comic book form is nonetheless equally appreciated, as the support of those mentioned here!!! You may notice some backers are not listed with social profiles, some with full details, anyone who feels anything is missing, or who wants something removed is welcome to contact me through Kickstarter for verification purposes and we shall deal with any issues you may feel exist from there. Matt Kund @mkund - website: Rasmus Wichmann - - website: Carl Doherty - Kylie Walker - @kjwx Per Hedman of The Far Dark Side - Jay Lofstead Raymond Mullikin - - website: Declan D Scantrontb Matt Osborne - @Matty_O - website: Paul y cod asyn Jarman - @PaulDJarman

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