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I have undertaken to have my SCIFI Implant converted into a comic book format with the help of graphic artist and designer Alyssa Cooper Freelancer Profile as well as concept artist Alexander Sharko from Ukraine Freelance profile as well.

Kickstarter on hold:

Hopefully we can have it converted into a full fledged comic book/illustrated novel, as implants and chipping are indeed a hot topic these days.

Sign up to use freelancer and hire Alyssa Cooper or other Freelancers here: <-- and help me on my way.

Here are a few illustrations...

Remember to check out the storyboard link below also…

And here is the storyboard concept:

Please respect the material on this page is not for re-publication - it is meant only as a showcase for the project, there will be a formal release of the material under a different license.

Do you want to see the story released as a comic book sooner rather than later ?

Well make a support pledge so I can pay people to properly storyboard and create further illustrations.

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Support/点击“赞一下 Einar Petersen

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