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Interesting organizations and sites.

The web is abundant with interesting sites, on this page I will try to list but a few that I have found interesting or useful.

I am recommending everyone to try a GNU/Linux distribution (preferably a live disc), for several reasons.

I am a firm believer in FOSS, due to it's superior development model, the ROI, TOC etc. and because it is easy, made by IT professionals and enthusiasts, because it is safe and because it is FREE, and often Gratis, imagine GNU/Linux is Legal to download, copy and distribute.

With distros like Debian/Ubuntu you have more than 65.000 available pieces of software.

See a whole range of distributions here: Distrowatch. Find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software.

For beginners I recommend you check out Ubuntu - It is super user friendly and is a so called Live disc. i.e. run without installing, if it works and you like it then you can proceed to install. For those who are a little more battle hardened go to the Debian homepage.

Just to point to a few high quality products I recommend you try an astronomy program called, an animation studio called 3D Blender , a photo manipulation program called Gimp, I could go on but urge you to go exploring in stead (elsewhere on the page you can find links to tutorials to get you started with GIMP and Blender).

Finding help and support is a breeze. On you have several hundred thousand would be supporters who freely share experiences and offer highly qualified advice free of charge. I adamantly recommend this site.

You can find more computer relates links further down this page.

Dictionary and encyclopedic pages.

Wikipedia - Everybody's favorite (well maybe not everyones) the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. As of 23 October 2008 - 2,596,113 articles in English - and oodles of them in other languages as well.

thefreedictionary - A truly brilliant free dictionary and more.


As a firm believer in innovation I believe software patents stifle innovation and exist only to cement monopolies, and if you want to know more about the subject I suggest you visit

IT-Political Association of Denmark I'd say is a danish equivalent to The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) which in turn is an international non-profit advocacy and legal organization based in the United States.

Like the EFF IT-Political Association of Denmark keeps a keen eye on issues like, Intellectual Rights, Patents on Software, Privacy and freedom of speech, Censorship and filtering - Which has landed them between a rock and a hard place as big brother rolls across the free world.

EFF - For more information on EFF please visit them.

Price comparison

Computer equipment and games

Course/tutorial overview pages

I have enjoyed several of the courses from W3Schools. - Giant overview over self learning courses (I mention a few on this page) - TCP/IP inner workings of your network and the internet revealed.

Version 2's Android Academy (Danish)

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 1

Lesson 1

Home of Roger Cadenhead - The creator of a 24'hrs marvelous java course.

The entire course from Roger Cadenhead courtesy of InformIT

Linux Howto's

Linux Howto's - A comprehensive list of Linux howto's - A regular gold mine.

Something of interest to those who are trying out Linux on

Programmers Q&A site A programming Q&A site created by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky in 2008 - very open and easy to use, no signup, no fees etc. very very nice, and super simplistic approach to a question forum, speedy answers if asking concise questions.

Programming IDE's

LiveCode LiveCode is a very powerful easy to use cross platform application development framework that has been released under the GPL using it you will be able to write once deploy to many platforms simultaneously in one go you can create applications for Android, Linux, Apple IOS, Windows.

I highly recommend you give this environment a look - and there are a lot of promising add ons coming during the year. You can read more about upcoming development both on the Kickstarter campaign site as well as on RunRev's own page

Here a great beginners course teaching you to create games in LiveCode. - for developers. an IDE for beginners.

Programming IDE Plugins

A GUI editor for Eclipse - Uses regular java to generate GUI's

Operating Systems - Operating systems, tons of links


Computer math - Binary numbers - Hexadecimal numbers - Binary and Hex tutorial.

Binary counting made fun - An instructional video by a Computer Science Professor at Rutgers University. United States. He has made quite a few of these - Priceless.

Languages - HTML - Homepage Syntax, step by step instructions. - SQL - Standard Query Language, for anyone who needs to work with Databases. - 24 one hour lessons JAVA. A fantastic course.

The Java Developers Almanac 1.4 - Fantastic site with tonnes of examples.

Learn Python - This Youtube based series “Python Programming Tutorial”, takes you through a step by step introduction to the Python language, easy to understand, clear and comprehensive.

Python GUI programming tutorial - Create an egg timer in a 30 minutes lesson

Programming Methodology


UML - Unified modeling language, is a design tool for application design. - another view at UML/RUP

Read more at IBM's developerworks website and at Wikipedia on UML

Patterns - The MVC pattern —> SUPER IMPORTANT ! ←– - Singleton pattern —> QUITE CLEVER ←–

Methods - eXtremeProgramming (programming methodology). - SCRUM (programming methodology) - Dynamic Systems Development Method - (programming methodology) - Feature Driven Development - (programming methodology)



Convert your 3D models into paper - DXF2Papercraft at does the “planning” work, you cut and glue.

Make 3D Movies

Free tools for the 3D enthusiasts - 3D Game engine & Animation studio - A steam based moviemaking tool

3D Education

BLENDER: - Character control - make character jump - Blender 3D tutorial - 3rd Person shooter #1 - The above two in one tutorial… with a slight difference - Blender 3D tutorial - 3rd Person shooter - playlist - how to make your character shoot in Blender3D - adding 3D texts to game - tool to create Blender3D cities with a single click - “The Real Way” to Fire a Gun in Blender - Blender follow system… perfect for those zombie games ;) - How to make and kill an enemy on blender - Basic Enemy AI (No python) - Blender Game Tutorial - Blender 2.5 FPS Tutorial - Part 1 - Blender 3D tutorial - 3rd Person shooter #1 - Importing Google SketchUp files into Blender 3D - a load of textures Blender-Converting 2D Image to 3D Object Blender Split Screen Game Tutorial - Weapon Switch Tutorial for Blender 3D - Special Blender Tutorial - Using the APPEND function (multiple blend files for one final big blend) - Blender 3d Tutorial: Creating a simple character - Blender Tutorial Splitting Screen to View multiple angles - Blender Tutorial - How to Merge Two Objects Together - Creating landscapes nice and easy

UNITY 3D ← UNITY's OWN ROLL A BALL GAME - Learn to make and publish a

game in less than 2 hrs

Add to complexity - 2 hrs more by leafing through a Brackeys course on Unity 3D - A ball game as well including Jump and more advanced things like particle systems / respawn / Sound etc.


2 - MAIN (controller)





7 - Collectibles



10 - SCORE

11 - SOUND

12 - GRAPHICS (blender import)




16 - MAIN MENU (Continued)

17 - CHECKPOINTS Inventory and extension - Free

Vector Graphics

Inkscape - A vector graphics suite, a really neat program. Completely free in multiple senses.


Photo manipulation

Useful resources

URL abbreviation

Ever been in the situation that a URL was too long to send in IM or via twitter or other means ?

TINYURL - is one possible answer - A no log in service that abbreviates url's to almost nothing, and it is a free service.


Twitter - Tweet away to create a following, build a fan base, promote your thoughts or products.

Social Bookmarking

Addthis - An incredible site that allows you to create buttons that allow your visitors to add your site to thousands of social bookmarking sites, in 10 seconds flat, no log in required.

Royalty free music under CC attribution license

Google search cheatsheet

Scientific breakthroughs

A section I should have started long ago and that will likely grow into its own page

Enjoyment / Entertainment - The most magnificent crystal caves I've ever seen. - The Future Is Here Today...Robots, Genetics, AI, Longevity, Singularity

Totally gridbag - I suggest any upcoming JAVA guru to get into gridbag and spring layout - But Beware :)

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