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Interesting folks

On this page you will find a small description of people I've had the pleasure to get to know, or met in one way or another, along with links if they are available to their homepages or special interest areas.

The list is by no means complete however and if you're not on it it is not because I don't find you interesting but simply because I haven't gotten around to adding you or because I value your privacy and if you know me I have too many things on my platter and too little time to do things like editing my wiki.

Now how's that for an excuse… lame, yeah I know, but I had to try - Anyhow browse away, oh and it is not alphabetical yet (if ever!) If you feel strongly that you belong here… Ping Me!

The most Evil guy in the universe...

Darth Vader

It is not every day you get to meet a childhood icon from the Silver Screen, but meeting Darth Vader aka Dave Prowse MBE in Tåstrup, Denmark must be said to be the best chance encounter of them all… besides meeting my better half naturally (phew close one).

Dave or David Prowse MBE is a fascinating fellow and chance happened my pal (who prices his privacy, hence no name here) had convinced me to attend a scifi convention.

He had planned to get me tickets for the evening before for my birthday, an evening that had featured an opportunity to hear David speak in depth and in addition a Q&A session that did not pan out. But we managed to say hello, and luck would have it that he (my pal), while he was getting his collectors Darth Vader mug signed by Darth himself, happened to mention my work with and we ended up in a very interesting conversation where David told us that he had actually been diagnosed with prostate cancer and that he was working to enlighten the public about the issue.

Dave is doing charitable work for The Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign and is also now considered cleared of cancer. You can keep up with Dave's appearances on his website If you want to support Dave's work to help enlighten and fight prostate cancer, which I recommend you do, please visit the sites:

The charitable aspect I found out is actually a trait that ties together a multitude of the Star Wars actors who turn up at different events some sponsored by the 501'st you might have noticed them in a town near you, give them a friendly nod of acknowledgement for their efforts as well.

As for the phrase “The most Evil guy in the universe” I have to add Not! but made you read didn't it ?


Other Star Wars actors

One year later I once again found myself in Tåstrup, a place I visited frequently during my childhood every time I was back in Denmark.

This time my pal had been on the lookout in advance and secured tickets for an evening with three other notable people from the Star Wars universe.

Alan Flyng

, actor, teacher costumer

Jabbas Tounge

, puppeteer, etc Tåstrup

Mon Calamari Officer

Nice guy - bday present etc.

Andrias Rasmussen

Lennert Kjellsen

- Musician ART, Tórshavn - Studioname - brilliant sound engineer used by names like X X X X X

Niclas Thorsteinson

Tórshavn, and the rest of the reverends - CD - Myspace

Kyle Eastwood

- Musician Århus, fantastic jazz/world music During my stay in Århus I had the good fortune to run into Kyle Eastwood, and yes there is a relation to quite the famous actor. However Kyle while in the entertainment business like his father has focused on music. I must say I was in for a treat that evening at Musikhuset in Århus when Kyle and his band gave a brilliant concert. I even had a brief chance to speak a few words between sets. I would recommend anyone with a liking to jazz and world music to hunt down his work, it will be well worth your time -

Kristian Blak

- Musician, composer, producer, godfather of the Faroese Music Scene THE GRAND OLD MAN if there ever was one. Tórshavn Jazz

Hanus G. Johannesen

- Singer, composer Tórshavn

Peter Turkaninof

A gentle giant ART - Rock Nátt, Nordic House - ROCK IS POWER

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