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Letter from afar III - © 2005-2008 Einar Petersen

Hi sweetie, my own little cherry pie!

I miss you terribly and wish you could have come here with me, but you know they don't have any family accomodation facilities, coming here with me would have been too rough on you and the little one.

How about Brad. Has he begun to speak yet? I miss him like crazy… Words cannot describe it!

As for work it is not as expected. The mines are certainly not as harsh as I had feared, sure the work is hard and we seldom see daylight, but I've become part of a great team. We work quite well together and our crew has already broken the extraction record twice. Were bonding very well and funny enough most of us have even caught the bug.

It's nothing dangerous, everybody here gets a whiff of it sooner or later, I'll be over it in a few days thats what the doctor said. He's an old rat ready to retire, most of my team mates are seeing the other doctor on the base she's far younger and probably more up to date in the newest treatments but you know me, I prefer experience above anything else.

I like the colony manager - he reminds me of a bulldog. Stubborn as hell and sturdy, too bad the two of you can't meet. I think you would like him! Ah wel c'est la vie.

Before I forget it there was an accident here the other day.

The incident hasn't been publicly admitted yet but it will be later today, i'm not writing to frighten you, but you know how stories get exacturated once they are out in the media, there was a team which tried to break the ore extraction record and parts of the structure caved in on them.

We managed to get most of them out but there were a couple of fatalities.

I'm telling you this so than you know the facts and don't have to rely on any gossip. There was no danger for us when we excavated the other team.

For the last two weeks I've actually been the foreman of our gang and you know there is nothing I am looking more forward to than seeing you and the kid, so we're being very careful, got other family guy's on the team as well, we know to look out for ourselves and we won't do anything stupid to break any records and such, if we break em it's a cobination of luck and good preparation, no taking chances - And that's a promise!!!

Every day I imagine your tantalizing body, your soft skin. Oh how I crave to touch those downy curbs. To rub your shoulders and the feet you hate. Oh where is your sweet laughter, your beautiful voice, how I miss all that. you complete me beloved - without you I am but half a man.

I can't help but think of all our discussions - It has been so hard for me to make you understand that I am doing this for us, for our family, and I know I have been a complete donkey about it but in a year and a half when we are back together everything will be allright.

Oh and guess what - were getting a fat bonus, I've told them to send it directly to you. The boss told us saturday he's holding a party in our honor, some of the guys we rescued will be attending as well as they've recovered completely already. That's the reason for the bonus I've been told.

Most of the base personell will be attending as well. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll write and tell you about the party - haven't been to one in… phew almost can't remember since before the little one was born.

Ooops that was the signal. Gotta run - Our shift is coming up and I am the foreman so no turning up late. Not like the old me eh?

I Love ya sooooo much kiddo! Hugs and kisses to you all - Write me soon okay?


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