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Letter from afar VI - © 2005-2008 Einar Petersen

Hello there.

I bet you didn't expect to hear from me this soon, but I couldn't resist the urge to write another letter.

We're almost all here by now, the clan is truly gathering.

The Clan… Has a nice ring to it - doesn't it?

The leisure center is fabulous - I would so wish you could be here but I understand your posting agreement means that you have to stick it out. I guess you'll have to come to the next gathering… if this one turns out to be less off a “disaster” than the previous one - I'll never forget uncle Georges face that was a blast eh?

We're going to a dance performance later today - to kick things off.

It's a low g ballet by Johannes Sorenson - I'm really looking forward to it

I suspect the youngsters will ditch us before, you know a concert or something. StarZappers… think that's what they're called, I can't ever remember the names of those contemporary performance acts, could be performed by robots for my sake the way every move is calculated to maximize profits… hell maybe it is, who knows these days. The young will buy everything anyway won't they. Commercialism at its worst - there should be a law against it.

Hmmm I'm starting to sound like my parents - Perhaps I should be more relaxed about it - we did have our glory days didn't we.

Oh how I sometimes long for the folly of youth.

And speaking of youth, I heard a little bird sing - Somebody told me Lil Sam has been prescreened and that the space and aeronautical academy is showing an interest in doing further tests, who knows maybe he'll follow in his great grandfathers steps and become a skipper, I sure hope so - I'm so proud of his genes and to think they're all natural. He'll make us all proud I'm certain he'll probably make a lightning quick career if what I heard is remotely true, perhaps he'll be the human equivalent of Cornus canadensis. I'm planning to include it in my speech tonight.

I think we'll be around 200 in total - can you believe it, and that's just those who we're able to travel, three years ago we expected less than 50…

Damn shame you can't be here, I'm sitting on the porch enjoying what they're calling a good old fashioned screwdriver, there is an interesting retro feel to the place, all the while you have all facilities at hand you still feel completely taken out of time and placed in another era.

Next time you simply have to come!

Will you promise to be good now sweetie? - All the best wishes and thoughts.


Auntie Bess

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