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Letter from afar X - © 2005-2008 Einar Petersen

Dear Brad

It is very hard for me to write this letter and the story which is about to hit the news will undoubtedly surprise you.

Until today I did not know about you or I would have contacted you years ago…

I've always been very straight forward so I'll just tell it as it is. I'm writing because I've been informed that I'm your half sister.

I am currently staying planet side on the Rosebud Hotel on Xerxes, it is a fabulous place, mountains, giant waterfalls and rapids, i can't imagine more exotic surroundings, people and environment. It is a stark contrast to the hardship you've endured and I wish to do all within my power to help you.

I really want to see you - to talk to you face to face, there are so many questions I'd like to ask, I'll spring for the travel expenses off course and your stay, you don't have to worry about that, I'm including a voucher with this letter that you can use for whatever purpose you see fit.

You may or may not have followed my career, if you have I hope you've only caught the good bits, my life has been tumultuous at times. For years I've tried to get out of the public spotlight but to no avail it seems and now you are in peril of being dragged into this never ending story.

An investigative reporter found me on my favorite restaurant here, it is a place I won't be visiting any more as it will soon be filled with hangarounds, not that the owner will mind I guess.

For years I've been feeling incomplete, I've missed having a family.

I never had a dad and my mother left a lot to be desired, don't misunderstand me, I love her but she was never able to provide me with the security I craved. There were lots of men in my life, I was always looking for a father figure, I think that's why things got so messy, the worst was when I discovered how my manager had me wound around his little finger. He lived his dreams through me, and not only that, he abused that trust to a degree I can never forgive him, the fact that he'd found out about you and never informed me is unforgivable. For mum, I don't know what to think, she always had excuses about my father, I haven't spoken to her yet but I will write her a letter as soon as this one is sent.

I also want you to know that I am very sorry to hear about your mother and her early demise, loosing your mother must have been terrible for you, oh how I wish I could initiate contact under different circumstances, I so fear how the media will treat all this, I am very scared about your reaction, your feelings and I want you to know that regardless what you hear from the media I want to be there for you… That is if you'll let me - Anything you need, just ask.

I dearly hope that you will respond to this letter and that you will want to deal with me in the future.

Take care will you? I Hope to hear from you and see you soon!


Lea H.

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