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The Liberators - Book One

A high paced science fiction action adventure Reviewed by Einar Petersen - @TheEinarkist

<table width=100% height="50%" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" border="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td valign="top"> <img src="" alt="The Liberators - Book One - Cover Page" width="500" height="900" > <BR><BR> Artwork by Jamie Glover <BR> Copyright - All Rights Reserved - (Used with permission)<br> </td> <td valign="top"> "Truth be told" about the Liberators <BR><BR> In september 2016 I had the pleasure to read The Liberator Saga volume 1, by Nick Bailey and Darren Bullock. <BR><BR> The story is fair to say a high paced action adventure, with a good gender and species mix among the protagonist of the story. <BR><BR> The story revolves a band of ragtag stellar marine misfits ending up on an impossible mission against superior corporate forces, who with pure heart, some Orbit tape and a little sprinkle of luck once again find it is time to heed the call of justice. <BR><BR> The story sports a blend of corporate militaristic rivalry, reminiscent of the "house" rivalries of Dune, some godforsaken ancient alien technology (of the very creepy kind and trust me, I mean creepy). <BR><BR> If something like the lines below tantalizes your imagination and if you fashion an adventure of the more extreme kind, then I think the Liberator Saga Book 1 might just be something for you. <BR><BR> SPOILER ALERT!!! <BR><BR> "The mirror finish of the visor seemed to show more than a reflection; the last thing an opponent would see would be their own terrified visage. Perhaps their very soul screaming back at them." <BR><BR> The line above is from early on in the story and the story itself will start you in the thick of things, with the pace only slowing down long enough for you to snap a breath or two of air, in between the story peaks. <BR><BR> So there you have it, if you like military SCIFI, to paraphrase from the story "Truth be told", then I truly do think you might just enjoy Liberator Volume 1, I can say that I did. <BR><BR>   </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

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