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For some time I have been involved with something called The Global Ability Initiative - the aim has been creating gratis FOSS software for disabled and we've done some apps from early DOS to Windows to Linux.

Then we began experimenting with HTML5 and things were progressing til repeated cyberattacks along with a slew of other things put the efforts to a slow crawl… however time has come to regain momentum and I hope someone her might be up to the task and able to give a hand.

You see we were looking at creating a HTML app (cross platform) to replace the cardboard pointing boards that exist for hospital use, we have the symbols courtesy of a specialist organization and I did recordings (albeit in Danish) of all the words. (I will have it produced in english as soon as the app is in a POC state)

Let me explain how the app should be looking like:

I want to place buttons with an image in a predefined grid as shown below.

Imagine the below (graphic) being a mobile phone.

Top row represented with OOOOOO are to illustrate buttons as is the bottom row represented by OO OO

Imagine the area of the phone viewport encapsulated in | and - Each [] represents a button notice only 9 viewable at the time the rest you have to 
be able to scroll through.

I'd like around 120 images on each "page" laid out as shown below, so you might need to deduct or add a couple of images, it is fine if the last 
page has fewer images than the first say 10 pages (if 11 was the total number of pages).

Each [] when pressed, is to play back a unique sound, to be defined at a later stage. You can find a link with 20 sample sounds further down.

Each button in top row O i.e. |OOOOOO| is to load another screen holding same number of image buttons [] but different buttons with different 
images naturally. You can see a link to images further down in the text.

Each of the lower row buttons each have different functionality - like going to a webpage / opening a browser (webpage to be defined) - Showing a 
pop up with some text - Going to an app settings page. etc. and you need to be able to return to app from those pages (minus naturally the browser 
as it is a different application)

        |      |
        |OO OO |

However you can see a couple of HTML versions of the concept here:

You can see a couple of HTML versions of the concept here:


The original concept with multiple different iterations is also available on the following page and some of the thoughts behind the app and what kind of input it should be able to read etc. in the long run.

I wonder is someone will create the above explained layout in LiveCode for me as the sound playback of brief sounds in HTML5 is simply not good enough in the current test version and due to the hacker assaults we experienced on my site as well as on The Global Ability Initiative things kind of sanded up.

I will need code that works with mouse clicks as well as touch devices.

Here are some sample sounds you can use:

It does not matter what sound you put on which picture - I just need to see it is possible.

I'll modify my python code to recode the framework you demonstrate with correct sounds for correct pictures.

Sample images here:

This is in reality an incredible simple task but I simply don't have the time to sit down to do it at this point but I need a demonstration model ASAP.


I need full rights to the source code to release as I please under whatever terms I deem appropriate without attribution.

I can inform you that the code will subsequently be released under an open source GPL license, via the global ability initiative, that license will

ensure you can use your own code so I'm not trying to hold out on you I've just been pulled around the merry go round more than once by less than how should I put it… nice developers.

I am an employer on and we can set up the project there so that you see this is a legitimate request. I have done 20+ projects there and my marks are overall positive.

I could pay 100 US$ for this project, either via or through paypal or skrill given you prefer to do the work directly without freelancer as an intermediary.

Is anyone interested in taking on this task for the mentioned fee ?

I am looking at this as a test balloon as I have other projects in mind for The Global Ability Initiative as well as continued work on this small application in mind.

So why do I not finish this myself?… well I was well underway but twice last year I experienced hackers destroying my sites for whatever reason it may be… yup this sucks immensely and really took the wind out of everything and all the projects I was involved in.

I am getting back up to speed, but at the same time I have like a million things on my plate currently, like publishing childrens stories, having them translated to other languages, trying to keep up with an insanely busy dayjob (something has to pay the bills) as well as heading a couple of minor unity game development projects of mine as PM ( you can see them on my personal homepage

I am posting this as I feel I have a personal moral obligation to see to the completion of a number of completely free apps that can potentially help millions of people get a better life quality get going again and am hoping and wondering if there is anyone her interested in helping me/us in helping others through technology… and getting paid in the process :) - a 100 US$ to be precise and maybe more in the future if we work well together and continue our collaboration.

So what'll it be ?

Kind Regards

Einar Petersen - Denmark

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