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Enter competition Form

Please use this form to enter in the Lonely Girl April competition.

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<form> Action mail

Thanks “Thanks for your submission copy into your browser url if you need to send another mail”

Fieldset “Name and e-mail address”

Textbox “Your Name” “=Enter your first and last name here”

textbox “Write your address” textbox “Write your city” textbox “Write your zip code” textbox “Write your country”

email “E-Mail address” “=Enter your e-mail address here”

textbox “Write the url where your piece has been posted”

textbox “Write the date when your piece was posted”

fieldset “Your piece”

textarea “The text of your submission”

textbox “Write symbols in the image catchpa (image below) here –>” /^agree$/

fieldset “You need to agree to both options below to participate”

yesno “Yes I agree to be contacted by the author and/or The Global Ability Initiative in the future”

yesno “Yes I am legally allowed to participate in this competition”



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NOTICE your E-Mail address will NOT BE SHARED with anyone without your permission, except if requested by a court order.

catchpa image text on image is agree

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