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Sandrine Henderson

Tough as nails policewoman, dark tanned.

Long black curly hair, beautiful almond eyes, very well trimmed, body perfectly proportioned.

Roughly 165 cm, a tad short for a police officer, but every bit as strong and able as her fellow officers.

Dark full lips that are easy to smile. Sensual face. The sweetest personality, very creative and extremely dedicated and hard working. Does not take no for an answer and is tenaciously working towards her goals.

Been pregnant when story begins… xxx months

Suffering from symptoms from her pregnancy - interweave these in story to create a believable character and to make her job a bit tougher.

Single, father could not handle her job or her getting pregnant so she's building a life for herself and her child independently.

Has many tatoos, flowery lines up along her arm, similar lines and a butterfly on the other, words across her chest to remind her of a dear family member. Tatoos making her very unique looking and not your typical cop.

Knuckles with words on them

Also pierced nose, ears and by the eye - Elsewhere ? Leave up to reader.

Partner (work wise)

xxx - xxx

Guy - funny wits

Owner of the Genetics testing company

Well trained, tall agile. Super intelligent. Borderline.

Created company to help eradicate teil ailments of mankind, but has slipped into madness and is engaged in the elimination of certain genotypes, quite litterarely speaking.

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