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Multi-Larceny a scifi adventure

- A sneak peek review

I have been fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at Multi-Larceny by Matthew Kund & Bora Orcal.

Multi-Larceny is a scifi adventure written by Matt Kund with artwork done by Bora Orcal

Matt is right now running a Kickstarter for the project and I definitely recommend checking it out.

As the story begins, Bill our protagonist gets a fateful phone call.

As one reads on Multi-Larceny turns out to be nothing less than a story of multiverses and gangsters using our protagonist cooercing him into performing robberies.

Our protagonist only reluctantly does so on behalf of his friends captor to avoid his friend being killed - The captor a paralell version of the friend Gordon is executing a plan he says to fund research so it will be possible to set up of further portals enabling multiverse traveling.

Then things take a dramatic turn, people die, new hostages are taken. The game is afoot!

Technically it looks like the artist has chosen a mellow watercoloring style. Coloring wise Multi-Larceny for me had a gray and darkish look, however I understand they are going for a full color version and a colorist has been employed as well.

This is one of those projects I really look forward to seeing completed.

You can check out Matt's Kickstarter at:

Wishing Matt & Co. the best of success

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