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This is a concept under construction.


In today's turbulent economic climate everyone is looking for a safe harbour…

Well not everyone, some people actually appreciate the open seas and the waves that engulf our world.

With rising oil prices and whole countries looking to switch to more environmentally viable power sources the technology not only offers hope for a better environment but it also has immense earning potential while at the same time being environmentally safe.

This means that Wave energy is now not only a viable resource that can be exploited but an ecological safe alternative as well.

In order to help get this technology to market we would like to offer you a unique risk free way to participate in this revolution.

At the low low price of 10 US$, you can make an investment in your future and your children's and grand children's future, that is not only guaranteed, i.e. you will get the money back no matter what!

Not only that, this is also an investment in the future for all of humankind.

At 10 US$ ? A money back guarantee, but the price is so ridiculously low ?

Well We want you to be at ease, in this time people have understandably become so scared for their future that they do not dare to make a sound investments even if they see an amazing opportunity and even if it screams to them, yes even if the investment is a miniscule one.

So what to do to overcome this fear of loosing it all ?

Make the stakes so small, that everyone can participate! But that's not enough so we'll do it one better, we'll offer you a money back guarantee ?

First of all we will set up a foundation that keeps your money safe in a way so that you do not loose anything (i.e. you are guaranteed).

Once the money is secured we will back a trial of the NextGen Wave Platform Generator, in order to enable them to financially kickstart the production of their innovative and revolutionary wave energy converters on a large scale.

You can read more about this revolutionary concept here. Further down you can read more about the concrete plans for the foundation and how we will achieve a risk free investment environment for you.

But we will not only do that, we will also actively promote the technology with decision makers where it is applicable, with soaring energy prices and countries beginning to have an interest in doing what is right we believe this is a safe bet.

How much do you get back ? (this is in addition to your original 10 US$ stake)

Well that naturally depends of the success of the NextGen Wave Platform Generator.

What we offer is a safe harbour for your 10 Us$ and the promise that any further return profits from our partnership with the inventors of the NextGen Wave will go directly back to the foundation holding your investment bond, thus accumulating wealth for the foundation and it's investors.

After a period of 10 years you may, if you wish receive it get your full payback or you may choose to donate your stake to the Nordic Wave Foundation so that we can invest in new and improved environmentally safe extraction technologies. (the donation of your stake to the Nordic Wave Foundation may happen at any time should you wish to do so before the 10 year period is over).

The size of your payback will be calculated according to the size of your investment.

If you place 10 US$ in escrow now, your payback upon your request will be a minimum of 10US$ plus the calculated profits according to the size of your investment.

You can read further down the page in order to see the the actual calculation.

We have faith that you are clever enough to see the enormous potential of this amazing revolution that is taking place during these times and that you in just a few years time will be proud to see that you with a minimum effort enabled a better future for everyone, not just yourself but as mentioned before, possibly your children, your grandchildren even the planet stands to benefit from you partaking in this risk free initiative. We do not encourage you to place more that 10 US$ in the project, but you are free to do so at your own risk, we only guarantee the first 10 US$ stake.

Join Now to become part of this momentous effort or continue reading to learn more about the financing plan and return of investment.

NordicWaveFoundation is going to invest in X number of the Wave generators, - We aim to put the NextGen Wave Platform Generators by the Faroese Shores, one of the best areas in the world for Wave Energy creation according to international research.

The money to pay for the NextGen Wave Platform Generators, is to be derived from interest rates of our stakeholders investment, this way no money is risked by the investors / backers.

Only the derived interest rates will be used.

Why do we believe this is a viable technology and path to take ?

Well think about this.

Horns Rev 1 is a Danish offshore wind farm comprised of 80 Vestas V80-2.0 MW wind turbines. It is the first large scale offshore wind farm in the world. With a capacity of 160 MW it can supply 150,000 Danish households with electricity.

Now realise that wave energy will be able to produce the same amount of electricity using only a fraction of the area an off shore wind park will require.

This efficient use of space will cut installation, service and transportation issue, and reduce the visual impact in terms of park area and height.

It will be possible to enable other industries to piggyback upon the infrastructure provided by the NextGen Wave platform Generators such as sea farming, helping to provide food for a world in which this is a scarce resource as well.

Think about this, wave power can accurately be predicted three to five days in advance unlike wind power that is much harder to predict. Which would you like to bet on ?

And the location is unique.

The Faroe Islands are basically nothing but ocean coastlines, and surrounding it there are wast expanses that can be populated by Wave Energy Farms, the Faroe Islands is already up at around 50% when it comes to renewable energy.

Can you imagine a whole country able to not only fully cover the energy needs for their households, but also a country where it might be possible to electrify the entire industry sector as well.

A country truly independent from fossil fuels ?

Imagine the powerful message one can send to the world regarding renewable power! Imagine the rapid change such a message could lead to!

We see laws coming into place allowing private enterprises to hook up and sell their privately produced power to the grid at market prices.

Why not become a stakeholder in the energy economy of an entire nation at virtually zero cost ?

In order to make it simple to understand how you can win big from this investment let us first define the parameters:

Initial investment: 10 US$ - Let us call these initialStakes

How much money do we need ? - Let us call this variable numberOfStakesNeededToObtainWaveGeneratorsAndInstallThem

Cost of Wave Generators

Cost of Installing

Cost of Operating for 10 years

Return Of investment Faroese Wave Generators Power produced x Power price given a steady price

Then we need to calculate

totalInvestmentBonds - initialStakes = initialStakes X numberOfStakesNeededToObtainWaveGeneratorsAndInstallThem x (interestRateSecuredOverNumberOfYears (renters rente)

You can become a member of the NordicWaveFoundation as well and directly influence decisions made according to the laws governing the foundation, however make it clear to yourself that certain rules are unchangeable in order to protect peoples initial investment, so no big stakeholder would ever be able to take control and steer peoples money into danger, nor change the purpose of the foundation, that is to create a safe harbour for peoples money while encouraging the development and exploitation of Wave Energy.

Already a member ?

We strongly recommend that you yourself begins participating in this promotion, this in order to help maximising the return of your investment.

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