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Giving a hand where and when possible!

I consider myself aware, hence I try to make a difference where I can, one of the ventures where I am placing my energies is in “The Global Ability Initiative”.

The Global Ability Initiative - The Global Ability Initiative, is a project aiming at creating completely free and gratis open source software for the disabled click on the link to learn more about the project. All help is welcomed!

I also support the following organizations with regular intervals and urge you to do the same. Think humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality.

SOS international Childrens Villages (DK) Click her for SOS Childrens Villages International page - An organization helping orphans, or children with needs to live normal lives, and aiding them towards getting an education.

Røde Kors - you can find local versions of the organization here

Kræftens Bekæmpelse - Danish cancer society. Their vision is a life without cancer - They support Research, Prevention, and patient support. I cannot at this point give you an international equivalent organization.

Have participated in crowdfunding the following projects


Elite Chronicles


Elite Dangerous

Forced by Betadwarf

I will provide links for the below projects also

Airtame - Open Source Screncasting

A theory of everything

Knee How DY

FormBox: A Desktop Vacuum Former That Makes Beautiful Things

Let's Bring a Bookshop Back to Queens, NY!

Water Purification System Using Solar Evacuated Tube

IRIS - Short Film

Instant Aliens

R'ha 2 - The continuation of the sci-fi epic

DRAGONLOCK™ 28mm Scale Dungeon Gaming Terrain

OpenROV Trident - An Underwater Drone for Everyone

Project Hyperloop

Salto - Captures your every move. VR, AR, film, VFX, gaming

Eleven 3D Printer: Large, open source, affordable 3D printer

FORCED: Eternal Arenas

The Woodland Hills Maker Movement

Ayn Rand's: Anthem #1


Awakening: A Science Fiction Novel


Kickstarter Open Source Death Star

Little Sun Charge: a solar phone charger by Olafur Eliasson


REPROGRAM–An Experimental SciFi Short Film

The Apology Service

Descent: Underground

Hello Ruby

STASIS - 2D Isometric SciFi Horror Adventure Game.

War Stories: Modern Military Science Fiction

Gerry Anderson's Gemini Force One

Chineasy: The easiest way to learn Chinese

I's - A feature film set on the threshold of infinity

A wireless wind meter containing no electronics

OpenShot Video Editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux

NanoLight - The world's most energy efficient lightbulb!

Ayn Rand's: Anthem #1

Awakening: A Science Fiction Novel


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