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Response to the LA Times

This page has been created in response to an article in the LA Times with regards to Paul Watsons latest attempt at making a reality show out of the pilot whaling in the Faroe Islands. It was also submitted as a comment to the publisher.

Hello there I am following what is happening regarding Paul Watsons crusade against the people of the Faroe Islands a far more easy prey he thinks than the corporate farms producing animals in small cages, animals that have perhaps even never see natural daylight.

In your article:

You claim the following:

“The Faroese send boats out into the ocean to find pilot whales”

I have to point out that this is completely incorrect, there are no Faroese boats patrolling the Faroese shores - “Grind” is only discovered by chance, it is merely pods that by chance find themselves close to shore already that is driven onto land. It is a matter of pure chance not a concentrated effort that determines whether or not there'll be a “Grind” as it is called.

I am deeply saddned by the lies being spread by Paul Watson and his followers - The “Grind” is actually one of the most communal affairs you can imagine, when there is a “Grind” each and every participant gets a share, hospitals, nursery homes heck even whole villages and other Islands share in the bounty from this the most sustainable whaling on the planet.

Meticulous records have been made since 1500'eds or so - It is probably the oldest documented hunt in the world, with scientifically backed up numbers.

The “Grind” is not an endangered species nor is this a hunt of leisure or pleasure - It is a gift from the seas to a land that has virtually no agricultural possibilities when it comes to sustained living so the meat is an important supplement to the daily diet.

What Paul Watson and his likes should oppose are the poisons that are poured into the ocean that is making its mark in the food chain. What Paul Watson should do is stop playing some kind of Pirate of the Caribbean flying his Jolly Roger - He should stop physically endangering people and going after a peace loving nation, probably one of the only ones on this earth without an army and focus on reality rather than leading unsuspecting youngsters into trouble as he spins his web of control of their minds.

I hope that the LA Times and it's affiliate channels will refrain from giving this dastardly fein any further place in their webspace or physical paper to spread his falsehoods about the Faroese pilot whaling.

If you have a genuine interest point people to an official scientifically backed resource on the matter like which I trust will paint a far more sober picture than the heavily edited hysteric stuff you are going to see on tv these days.

I have lived in the Faroe Islands from 1975 to 2000 so I know what I am talking about. I hope that you in the future will be most diligent with how you represent cases against minorities like the people of the Faroe Islands who are among the people with the most respect for nature that you will find anywhere in the world.

Rather than trying to punish these Islanders you should show them your support - there is nearly no other place on earth where you as a foreigner will be met with more kindness and understanding than in the Faroe Islands.

Feel free to add this as a comment below your article.

Kind regards

Einar Petersen

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