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Publishing in Chinese.

I have started a venture to see if it is possible to publish in Chinese, and gather a decent following hopefully garnering interest for other creative pursuits and opportunities that I believe are waiting for me over there if I can get the ball rolling.

This page is an attempt at tracking progress and share Do's and Don'ts. It will be a document under continuous construction… - What else is new ;)

Current status:

黄金眼 作者 & 插图: Einar Petersen 译者:黄文——四川师范大学

Now downloaded 1000 times from China…. and being released as CC hopefully copied to thousands more - What a great feeling that is…

And imagine all because of just a few individuals first being told about it on Weibo… (a Chinese Twitter/Facebook like platform)

The web is a wonderful place and it will be interesting to see if I can build a proper audience that will be hungry for more - Talks of a possible teaching publication using my stories is on the table…

I will be trying to gather my experiences and sharing them in some form of publication for other authors to look at and hopefully learn from.

Feel free to follow my efforts on my page:

If you are interested in the story you can go to: - Chinese version

and - English version




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