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by R.A. “Doc” Correra

( * * * * * ) 5 x STARS - Reviewed by @TheEinarkist

<table width=75% height="50%" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" border="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td valign="top"> <img src="" alt="Rapier - R.A. "DOC" Correra - Cover Page" width="292" height="414"><br> Image used with permission - Copyright and All rights reserved R.A. "Doc" Correa </td> <td valign="top">   I came across the title Rapier on Twitter when I was lucky enough to make acquaintences with R.A. "Doc" Correa a former combat medic, turned computer scientist turned writer after a destinguished career. <BR> Rapier is to put it mildly a swashbuckling ride - It is a tale of Piracy, slavery, interstellar politics and heroism where the protagonists time and time again seem to be pitted against insurmountable odds! <BR> In Rapier you will be following the tale of Kathy Masters a photographer sent on a mission to document flora and fauna of a new planet before colonization begins. <BR> Her adventure takes a swashbuckling turn as mentioned earlier, as she and a little girl are taken hostage by a buccaneering starship Captain on a determined quest of his own. <BR> When I first started reading the story, the writing style was the first thing springing to mind. <BR> I found it a bit disturbing at first because the author had chosen a very unique PoV for his story. <BR> Luckily as I read on the style became quite enjoyable in a weird detatched way and really allowed the storyline to flow seemingly uninterrupted by me only being able to read the story in short bursts. <BR> It was an adventure unfolding and deepening as the motives of the mysterious Captain became clear and understandable and the story was filled with both imaginative, fantastic and mysterious creatures. <BR> The story revolves mainly around the female protagonists and how they evolve into full crew and participants in a quest beyond anything they could have imagined. <BR> Rapier is filled with space battles, intrigue, as well as thoughts on growing up and how a parental actions and the child's experiences, as a result of said actions can shape a mind. <BR> The story continuously leads toward a big climax as the protagonist tells her fantastic tale to a listening editor and the possibilities for a sequel build continously as the story progresses as there seems to be so much more to explore in the universe "Doc" has been building. <BR> Personally I would love to read more from the Rapier universe in order to see how the big “nation” players fare against each other in their war. <BR> I would very much enjoy a much deeper look into the brotherhood and their code, how did they come about and develop into a guild of sorts, as well as delve much deeper into the characters. <BR> Perhaps especially Lien Lan Yi the Chinese Royal Princess and Cindy would be perfect for further development, plus not least the intriaguing Natives of Safe port, in order to better understand their actions and motives. <BR> Will the protagonists can find their peace, in the turmoil the Rapier universe has to offer? - Only time will tell !!! <BR> Overall a really nice read by R.A. “Doc” Correra - One I hope you too will have the chance to have an enjoyable encounter with if sequels are written. <BR> If you pick it up please let me know what you felt and though - Hit me up on Twitter <a href="">@TheEinarkist</a> <BR> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

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