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Collaboration concept and chapter seven outline

The following is as promised here is a rought outline of suggested collaborative work on Reckoning Part Seven, if you are up to it. I've tried to do some rough counts of the chapters.

Part One – A terrible mistake! 1500

Part Two – Awakening! 1700

Part Three - Coming Home 3900

Part Four - The Hole 3600

Part Five - Operation Vermin 5782

Part Six - Plight of the Takyüddin 8100

Part Seven - Return of the CHiliin ????

Parts One and Two in reality should be one Chapter as they are all about weaving an ordinary man into the world of Reckoning, but for some reason I wrote as two chapters.

Capter 3 is about establishing recurring Chinese characters

Chapter 4 is about presenting some bad guys and ideas on what chemtrails really are and a little play on the HAARP conspiracy.

Chapter 5 is about further establishing the NWO decimation of population and their population control plans of which we learn they have multiple concurrently running programs.

Chapter 6 is delving further into the lore of part three and establishing bad ET's and ambigious ET's

Chapter 7 what you would be working on is about the return of the Chiliin, introducing another ET race that will be establishing themselves on Earth, it is a little play on Operation highjump, pyramids and setting the Reckoning universe up for the arrival of even greater adversaries in later chapters that might just force everyone to collaborate, bad guys as well as good guys as the enemy is too powerful to take on alone.

The important thing is that all this happens while the happy citizens of earth know nothing because of the conspiracy of silence that can't really be broken because the TMIC / The Security Consortium and the NWO have too tight a grip on the media.

If we do an average of the word counts – and surmise that Part One and Two should count as one we get an average of roughly 4900 words per chapter

Does that sound like too big a mouthful ?

As for intellectual rights I am an open source kind of person, so my suggestion would be a no fuzz sharing agreement along these lines that allowed for the following.

You may sell the work you have produced through your sales channels or give it away as for example a Kindle read or other written format you prefer.

So basically all parties may sell the written work.

I may convert to comic book, animation movies or other type of media and create derivative works thereof as it will be based on the Reckoning universe and characters therein.

Credit for the work I thing should be you guys as co-authors and I suppose me as in based upon characters and settings from the Reckoning universe, with me as primary rights holder and you as sublicensed for distribution/sales of the chapter perpetually worldwide etc.

This means all parties are allowed to distribute the work under a CC NC ND license for any givaways should they choose to do so. Or if as a sale, all money you potentially make from sales of the co-written chapter in written form sold through your sales channels belong to you, should you wish to try and commercialize the writing you have done.

Financially the same rights as above are in effect ”i.e. vice versa” with regards to me.

Personally I speculate that the concept is best suited for a giveaway that could be used to promote your other works.

That is at least the path I intend to pursue via bittorrent bundles where I intend to distribute chapters in question, created along the suggested lines above.

With bittorrent bundles I believe have a possibility to lead readers to landingpages of Reckoning and to a page/or two leading to a place you guys prefer.

I think that more or less covers it. Did I mention I hate legaleze ? :) - but I will try to draw up something formalized along the above lines if you think it sounds reasonable.

Anyway here is the outline – I have tried to create a character / tech overview on the main page that I will see if needs extension in regards to characters and tech based on the latest chapters.

Part 7 - Return of the QHiliin

Relentless sound tore through the darkness it was a hum, a whirr whirr whirr intermixed with repetitive thumps, not as from a boots hitting the ground but from something heavier something menacing and the sound seemed to come from more than one direction.

Charlie Hoskins was running for his life. His feet were carrying his chubby T-Shirt dressed panicked body across the icy soil on a track leading away from Wyvis Lodge by Loch Glass.

An Inverness resident in his late forties, and now as his body screamed for breath he solemny regretted how he had mismanaged his health.

He was going to die if the sound meant what he though it meant and nobody would ever find a trace of his body, that is if the hypothermia did not get him first, what kind of pottyhead went driving in this kind of weather without winter cloathing, then the absurdity of the thought struck him, Charlie Hoskins was a marked man no matter what.

3 Weeks earlier

Heavy snow had been falling for a couple of days now, winter was coming. Charlie Hoskins the anchor of The Heavens Above Radio show on

Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park

with the Some astronomers are sitting in an observatory - suddenly something happens

in depths of space a miniscule point began vibrating, boiling , expanding and a tear appeared in a blinding flash

Describe a very alien looking ship in sad state comin out of riftspace, they are the last ship of the Chonglin armada, all but decimated. Ship

filled with wounded and dying, battle raged QHiliin

Ship outside perhaps like something of an HR Giger art and John F. Coppinger ball creatures

Some drama as to the astronomers wanting to get the message out but are suppressed,

perhaps the TDF learn of what is going on with the astronomers due to the night janitor Ogilvy (I hope you get the reference :) who happened to be

on duty and is most active on conspiracy forums that the TDF cyber division are monitoring for anomaly chatter.

The rescue of the astronomers from Security Consortium Capture

Once astronomers are rescued TDF goes out to find the QHiliin ship out in Jupiter orbit - find TMIC fighters and a larger ship hoovering around the

QHiliin ship like angry wasps, the TDF clear their fighters off

Unicorn/Qilin like humanoids, horn in forehead, folded, only shows when agitated or mating season. manes that flow upward and beards. but bipedal,

bulky clawlike but dexterous hands. Their body is fully or partially scaled

They are hooved and semi chimerical, and their braided suits give an impression looking like fire covering their body.

The QHiliin are extremelyt sensitive to magnetic fields and can thus read emotional states and are even said to be able to read minds of simple

beings (like humans).

Their ship is insanely brightly lit could be the edxplanation for their “glow” but undecided / armoured marine has suncreen down when entring

anyway When they meet the first human conming aboard he gets one look

This is what you have eveolved into ? - they are saddned, however luckily the soldier is a TDF

The QHiliin craft is moored in orbit by Valhalla Station - TDF delegations going aboard - full “sunscreen P500” :) to be used when someone enters

the QHiliin ship and pyramid later on - perhaps some steampunk like welders goggles

Perhaps it is Captain Dunbar, who has now been promoted out of harms way to Rear Admiral, meaning he no longer commands his own recon ship. Dunbar

also has taken up drinking - something the QHiliin picks up on - perhaps an enphatic touch to take away a little pain, but not enough to let us me

examine an alcoholic deroute peraps leading to another promotion ? or eventual own human redemption.

Turns out the ship is likely the last QHiliin vessel, CHiliin for as long as their history goes back, to before the dark time that is not to be

talked about they have had no no homeworld, the QHiliin have been vagrants, migrating star to star in search of a permanent place to settle, they

are returning to earth as it has the most similar climate etc. the first tima around they however decided to leave as there already was a promising

race evolving they want to settle on antarktis.

True reason they are returning to Earth is that they know what is coming and the QHiliin are carrying a very sacred artefact the Aegis and want to

return to the white pyramid to activate the defense network controlled by the Aegis that they are carrying, construction of the defense network had

already been well underway when the QHiliin out of ethical reasons pulled back from Earth to let it evovle on it's own.

The Aegis is a construct of a hyper advanced machine civilization, they had learned to manipulate and tap into zero point energy, in reality the

aegius is the central bit of a planetary shielding construct, the chonglin have the tech to create the remaining of the bits - a pearl like

construct the Aegis connecting to each pearl of the ring charging a spherical deflector by warping spacetime coordinates for slow moving object

guiding them away from what is behind the Aegis and anything that pushing through is schredded and vaporized. The Aegis could be used for asteroid

and comet deflection and artificial bombardment

White Pyramid reacting to QHiliin prescense coming alive

race between TMIC and TDF to get there - Weather conditions terrible

race goes out of (sothpole city) a mining colony and Antarthican Independent State where people work and live under ground during winter and work

hard and play topside during summer mining precious minerals to keep the gears of the world running

Penguin jokes are allowed :)

TDF advancing well accompanied by a QHiliin who complains about how dark everything is on the surface, wearing an optical enhancer to be able to

see properly in the daylight.

TMIC sabotage leaving them stranded apparently a spy was with the party sabotaging their equipment bleeding most of their fuel

The savior turns out to be the semi bionic man who scavenges himself for parts to repair the electrical system and who dies to save his team, gives

a cube to a team member, give this to my mother, she will know what to do with it (a collection of memories, thought and beuroligical patterns that

can be feed into a rebirth module bringing back the prescence of the dead as artificial constructs to help grieving ones overcome their trouble and

later live on as evolving purely electronic enteties and the QHiliin powerpack that is cannibalized for the purpose leaving the QHiliin near blind

without his optical enhancement having to talk the Bionic man through interfacing the power drive of the vehicle and the bionic mans control system

that will be permanently fused with the snw transporter and will not be able to be unfused- imagine dying as human fused to a snow transporter.

The QHiliin trying to get a reading from the bionic man but it is hard, but the very thought of this humans sacrifice even if a bionic human and

even if humanity seems to have compeltely wrecked the place it looks like there is hope for them after all

TDF catch up to the TMIC team that has entered the Pyramid

Pyramid defense systems detect weapons but anti measure systems are still only partially functioning so TMIC team is able to easily overcome while

working their way inward towards the machine halls and control section of the Pyramid

As TDF enter pyramid several team members hurt by awakening defense systems, but as QHiliin enters systems halt detecting a friendly.

The TDF team advances fast due to the QHiliin's knowledge of layout and ambush the TMIC team and eventually capture a few.

The QHiliin takes full control of the Pyramid as “Acting Arbitrator of Power” fully activating automated sentries that seem to have been activated

and then subsequently deactivated and or destroyed in and around what the QHiliin figures are the years 1946–1947 - but he is unable to see who

tampered with the system or what happened as the records prior to these years have disappeared. It seems however that for some reason the visitors

to the Pyramid at that time had not been able to access the lower levels containing the bigger resonance chambers something the QHiliin is happy

about for with that kind of power the primitives could have torn the very planet apart something they seemed absolutely adamant about pulling off

with uncontrolled experiments creating mini black holes and wormholes here on earth, it was amazing they had even lasted this long.

The QHiliin ship comes in - a beam from top of the Pyramid juices the energy of the ship back up - the tip splits open and ship lands and then the

pyramid closes again leaving the ship in a big dark hangar with nothing but a bright beam of light where the QHiliin begin their disembarkation,

the QHiliin are back.

Chapter end

Here we are Leaving the readers wondering, what is this great threat the QHiliin are not telling about, why was their ship all banged up and is

that the reason the CHiliin are returning to Earth, because they think their old defense grid might stand a chance against an enemy that has

already defeated them once and how long will Earth be a semi safe spot for the CHiliin after their long and exhausting run/chase that they have

been through and might the CHiliin have brought this warth upon themselves by meddling in things they should not have meddled ?

Confused - You won't be after the next episode of…. oh wait maybe you will :)

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